Wibley - Wiltbank

Wibley Martin 1st Inf. H Cpl.
Wick Augustus 5th Inf. F
Wickersham Henry N. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Widdoes James H. Cav. 1st Bn. E
Widdows Cyrus Cav. 1st Bn. G
Widdows Isaac Cav. 1st Bn. E
Wiggins George W. 3rd Inf. F
Wiggins James S. 3rd Inf. F
Wigglesworth George 4th Inf. I
Wigglesworth John 7th Inf. D
Wigglesworth John H. 5th Inf. F
Wigley Jackson Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Wilcox George W. 3rd Inf. H Cpl.
Wilcuts Joseph H. (Joseph) Cav. 1st Bn. A
Wild Bernhard 1st Inf. E
Wild George 4th Inf. D
Wilde Mark 8th Inf.
Wildes Henry 1st Inf.
Wilebrenner John 2nd Inf. G
Wilegus Ephraim H. 6th Inf. D
Wiles Mark 1st Inf. B
Wiley Albert 4th Inf. K
Wiley John 1st Inf. A
Wiley John 5th Inf. K
Wilgus James L. 9th Inf. C
Wilgus Thomas (Thomas J) 4th Inf. K, F Cpl.
Wilgus William L. 1st Inf. E
Wilhelm Nicholas B. Arty Crossley's Half Co.
Wilkenson Jos. W. 5th Inf. C Cpl.
Wilkes David E. Unassign. Sub.
Wilkins Frank 3rd Inf. B Drum
Wilkins Frank 7th Inf. K
Wilkins Franklin 8th Inf. B
Wilkins George 1st Inf. D
Wilkins George (George W.) 8th Inf. A
Wilkiins George W. 9th Inf. E
Wilkins James 7th Inf. C
Wilkins James H. 5th Inf. F
Wilkins John C. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) B
Wilkins John C. 4th Inf. B Sgt.
Wilkins Robert 7th Inf. C
Wilkins Robert 8th Inf. B
Wilkinson John 6th Inf. E
Wilkinson John H. Cav. 1st Bn. C, A
Wilkinson Joseph W. 4th Inf. E 1st Sgt.
Wilkinson Mathias 1st Inf. E
Wilkinson Nathaniel 1st Inf. I
Wilkinson Samuel 4th Inf. F, K
Wilkinson Thomas 1st Inf. B
Wilkinson Thomas 2nd Inf. G, K d:  01 Jan 1901  bur:  Philadelphia National Cemetery, PA
Wilkinson William 4th Inf. H
Wilkinson William G. 7th Inf. G
Wilkson Andrew 1st Inf. I Cpl.
Willey Albert 8th Inf. C
Willey Alexander Cav. 1st Bn. B
Willey Garrett L. (Garrett) 1st Inf. I
Willey Henry Cav. 1st Bn. F, C
Willey Isaac P. 6th Inf. I Sgt.
Willey James A. 9th Inf. F
Willey James H. 6th Inf. I
Willey James H. 9th Inf. F
Willey John 1st Inf. I
Willey John E. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) H
Willey John E. 3rd Inf. F 2nd Lt.
Willey Joshua C. 3rd Inf. F. Sgt.
Willey Louder Cav. 1st Bn. B
Willey Richard F. 6th Inf. I
Willey Richard P. 9th Inf. E
Willey Samuel 9th Inf. E
Willey Stansbury I. 7th Inf. H. Cpl.
Willgus James L. 6th Inf. D 1st Sgt.
Willgus John 6th Inf. D 2nd Lt.
Willgus Robert 6th Inf. D Cpl.
Williams Alexander 4th Inf. G, F
Williams Andrew J. 4th Inf. A Capt.
Williams Charles 1st Inf.
Williams Charles, 1st 1st Inf.
Williams Charles, 2nd (Charles) 1st Inf. K
Williams Charles 4th Inf. B
Williams Charles Clifford Cav. 1st Bn. G
Williams C. Wesley 6th Inf. E
Williams Francis (Francis S.) 1st Inf. D
Williams George Cav. 1st Bn. A
Williams George (George S.) Cav. 1st Bn. B
Williams George 1st Inf. A
Williams George 4th Inf. K
Williams George W. (George) Cav. 1st Bn. C
Williams Henry 4th Inf.
Williams Henry 4th Inf. A
Williams Henry I 6th Inf. D Cpl.
Williams Jacob 1st Inf. A
Williams James Cav. 1st Bn. D
Williams James 1st Inf. C
Williams James 2nd Inf. I
Williams James 3rd Inf. H
Williams James 6th Inf. H
Williams Jehu 5th Inf. A
Williams J. K. (Jone K.) 5th Inf. K
Williams John 1st Inf.
Williams John 1st Inf. C
Williams John 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) G
Williams John 3rd Inf.
Williams John 3rd Inf. A 5th Cpl.
Williams John 5th Inf. E
Williams John 5th Inf. G
Williams John 7th Inf. K Cpl.
Williams John F. Cav. 1st Bn. D Cpl.
Williams John H. 6th Inf. E
Williams John S. 3rd Inf. G, B 1st Lt.
Williams John W. 1st Inf. F 1st Lt.
Williams John W. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) H
Williams Joseph Cav. 1st Bn. G
Williams Michael 1st Inf. E
Williams Morgan F. 1st Inf. F
Williams Obediah 9th Inf. G
Williams Ralph O. 7th Inf. B
Williams Richard Cav. 1st Bn. D
Williams Richard 3rd Inf. F
Williams Richard (Richard H.) 4th Inf. B Sgt.
Williams Samuel G. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. Sgt.
Williams Samuel J. Cav. 1st Bn. D
Williams Thomas 1st Inf. F
Williams Whittington H. (Whitington H/W.H.) 4th Inf. G
Williams William Cav. 1st Bn. G, D
Williams William 1st Inf. A
Williams William 1st Inf. I
Williams William 6th Inf. I
Williams William I. 6th Inf. G
Williams William S. 1st Inf. C
Williams William S. 1st Inf. D
Williams William S. 3rd Inf. K
Williams W. Spence (Spencer) 4th Inf. B
Williams Zaddoc L. 9th Inf. D
Williamson Chandler P. (Chandler) 1st Inf. F
Williamson David 5th Inf. F
Williamson James 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) A
Williamson James M. 4th Inf. I 1st Lt.
Williamson John 4th Inf. A, H
Williamson John F. 7th Inf. H Comsy. Sgt.
Williamson John M. 1st Inf. E Sgt.
Williamson Joseph (Joseph G. 4th Inf. H
Williamson J. R. (John R.) 6th Inf. E
Williamson Washington F. 1st Inf. K, A 1st Lt. b: 1839
d: 01 Oct 1905
bur: Westminster Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery Co., PA
Williford Richmond Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Willis Benjamin 5th Inf. A Cpl.
Willis Benjamin 7th Inf. H
Willis Benjamin 8th Inf. B
Willis George A. 7th Inf. H
Willis John 5th Inf. H
Willis Thomas B. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) D
Willis Thomas B. 4th Inf. H Sgt.
Willis William 5th Inf. H
Willis William 7th Inf. H
Willis William 8th Inf. B
Willmot Wm. Lt.Arty Nields' Ind.Btty.
Willsey Henry D. Lt.Arty Nields' Ind.Btty.
Willson Caleb 1st Inf. C
Wilmer Edwin 6th Inf. A Col.
Wilmer William B. Arty Crossley's Half Co. Cpl.
Wilmot Simon 4th Inf. F
Wilson Alexander 3rd Inf. D
Wilson Alpheus 4th Inf. F, G Lt.
Wilson Andrew 1st Inf. G
Wilson Andrew J. 4th Inf. H
Wilson Bayard M. 1st Inf. B
Wilson Chalmers Lt.Arty Nields' Ind.Btty.
Wilson Charles 1st Inf.
Wilson Charles 3rd Inf. I
Wilson Charles H. 1st Inf. F
Wilson Charles H. 8th Inf.
Wilson Charles T. 5th Inf. B Cpl.
Wilson Charles W. 6th Inf. C
Wilson Charles W. 9th Inf. A
Wilson Cyrus (Cyrus B.) 1st Inf. H
Wilson Dagworthy (Dagworthy D.) 3rd Inf. D
Wilson Daniel B. 6th Inf. C
Wilson David B. 9th Inf. D
Wilson David J. 5th Inf. D
Wilson David P. 7th Inf. I
Wilson Edward 6th Inf. H
Wilson Edward J. 6th Inf. C
Wilson Edward W. (Edward) 1st Inf. K
Wilson Edwin W. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) B
Wilson Edwin W. 2nd Inf. H
Wilson Edwin W. 8th Inf. C Cpl.
Wilson Elwood L. 1st Inf. F Music
Wilson Elwood L. 3rd Inf. I Music
Wilson Frank S. (Frank) 1st Inf. H
Wilson George 1st Inf. I
Wilson George 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) A Cpl.
Wilson George (George, 2nd) 1st Inf. E
Wilson George (George, 1st) 1st Inf. G Sgt.
Wilson George 3rd Inf. B
Wilson George (Geo. F.) 3rd Inf. D
Wilson Hiram H. (Hiram) Cav. 1st Bn. G, D
Wilson Hosea Cav. 1st Bn. G, D
Wilson Isaac 4th Inf. C Cpl.
Wilson Isaac H. 8th Inf. C
Wilson Isaac T. 5th Inf. I
Wilson Jacob C. 7th Inf. I
Wilson James 1st Inf. B
Wilson James 1st Inf. F
Wilson James 3rd Inf. B, I
Wilson James (James A.) 3rd Inf. E
Wilson James 5th Inf. C
Wilson James 5th Inf. D
Wilson James 7th Inf. E 1st Sgt.
Wilson James A. 1st Inf. B
Wilson James A. 5th Inf. B
Wilson James A. 7th Inf. A
Wilson James A. 8th Inf.
Wilson James C. 9th Inf. G
Wilson James H. Cav. 1st Bn. C
Wilson James T. (James) 1st Inf. F
Wilson Job P. (Jobe) 3rd inf. F Sgt.
Wilson John 1st Inf. F
Wilson John 2nd Inf. A
Wilson John 2nd Inf. G
Wilson John B. 9th Inf. D
Wilson John C. 9th Inf. G. Cpl.
Wilson John L. 5th Inf. I
Wilson Joseph 2nd Inf. I
Wilson Joseph L. 5th Inf. F
Wilson Lorenzo D. 3rd Inf. E, A 1st Lt.
Wilson Louis 6th Inf. F
Wilson Major H. 6th Inf. C
Wilson Nicholas 2nd Inf. C
Wilson Parrot S. Cav. 1st Bn. G, D
Wilson Peter S. 9th Inf. A
Wilson Robert 4th Inf. F
Wilson Robert 5th Inf. H
Wilson Samuel 4th Inf. F
Wilson Samuel W. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) C
Wilson Thomas 5th Inf. F
Wilson Thomas (Thomas H.) 7th Inf. E
Wilson Thomas B. 9th Inf E
Wilson Thomas C 7th Inf. D
Wilson Thomas H. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) A
Wilson Thomas J. 1st Inf. H
Wilson William 1st Inf. B
Wilson William 2nd Inf. I
Wilson William 4th Inf. I
Wilson Willliam, Jr. 5th Inf. D
Wilson William 7th Inf. B
Wilson William 8th Inf. A
Wilson William D. 8th Inf. A
Wilson William E. 1st Inf. G. Cpl.
Wilson William E. 3rd Inf. D Cpl.
Wilson William H. 1st Inf.
Wilson William I. (Wm/Wm. J.) 3rd Inf. H
Wilson William L. 1st Inf. C Cpl.
Wilson William N. 5th Inf. I
Wilson William W. 5th Inf. I
Wiltbank Charles 1st Inf. A Music
Wiltbank Cornelius 5th Inf. E

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