Regimental nicknames were varied, most were named after their commander, such as the 6th Alabama, which was known as Gordon's Regiment. Others might be named after their uniform, such as the 3rd NJ Cavalry which were known as The Butterflies, due to their fancy uniform. Others were names for the ethnic origin of most of their members, such as the Garibaldi Regiment of NY, the French Regiment, or the Scandinavian Regiment. An Iowa regiment was known as the Graybeards, possibly due to the age of their members. Also, regiments took on the names of flowers, the Magnolia Regiment, or animals, or birds, the Pelican Regiment. Patriotic names or names of heroes might also be used- Stuart's Tarheels or Uncle Sam's Rebellion Busters. Companies within regiments also had nicknames such as the Raccoon Roughs. 

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