Maberry - Mays

Maberry William 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) H
Macey Joseph H.C. 7th Inf. F
Macey Joseph  H.C. 9th Inf. F
Machlan John 5th Inf. D
Mack Alexander 1st Inf. K
Mack George 1st Inf.
Mack James R. 4th Inf. F 1st Sgt.
Mackey Andrew 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61)
Mackin Owen Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Macklem Mathew (Matthew W.) 1st Inf. K,B,F Capt.
Macklin Alfred 9th Inf. E
Macklin Bartley T. 9th Inf. A
Macklin Charles 7th Inf. I
Macklin Jonathan 9th Inf. F Cpl.
Macklin Salathiel 8th Inf. C
Macklin William F. 7th Inf. I
Maclary Charles F. 6th Inf. F
Maclary  Jacob S. 6th Inf. F 4th Sgt.
Maclary John  W. 4th Inf. G Cpl.
Maclary Washington K 4th Inf. G. Cpl.
Maclary William H. 4th Inf. G Capt. 3 died 01 Apr 1865 leading the 4th DE Regt. at the Battle of Five Forks.    Bur: Methodist- Presbyterian Cemetery in Leipsic, DE
Macomber A. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Maddox George 1st Inf. A
Maddy Patrick 1st Inf. C
Maddy Simon 1st Inf. C Cpl.
Maech Christian 1st Inf.
Maffitt Charles 8th Inf.
Maffitt George R. 2nd Inf. C
Magee John W. 6th Inf. C
Magee John W. 6th Inf. D
Magee Louis H. 4th Inf. G Sgt.
Magee Moses 1st Inf. Hosp.Stew.
Magee William T.  6th Inf. B
Magill Stephen 5th Inf. G
Maginis Peter 1st Inf. E
Maginnis Arthur 3rd Inf. Maj.
Maginnis Peter 4th Inf.  K
Maguire Charles 1st Inf. (3 mo.'61) C
Maguire Francis A. 1st Inf. (3 mo.'61) C
Maguire James 1st Inf.
Maguire James 1st Inf. A
Maguire Martin 4th Inf. E
Maguire Peter 4th Inf. E
Maguire Thomas L. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Maguire William 4th Inf. I
Magynty Peter Cav. 1st Bn. E
Mahan Aguilla 2nd Inf. C
Mahan James B. 1st Inf. D Cpl.
Mahan James H. 2nd Inf. C
Mahan James T. (Mahans) 2nd Inf. C d:  17 Aug 1864  cause: fever typhoid
bur: Andersonville National Cemetery, GA grave #5956
Mahan William 2nd Inf. A
Maher John 1st Inf. A
Mahon Robert 4th Inf. C
Mahone Abel J. 3rd Inf. E
Mahoney Florence Hvy. Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. 
Mahoney James Hvy. Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. Cpl.
Mahoney James O. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F Sgt.
Mahres Louis 2nd Inf. G. 1st Sgt.
Main William S. 3rd Inf. H,K 2nd Lt.
Makins John W. (Maken) 5th Inf. I Sgt. 1 b:1843
d: 5-15-1911
bur: Hillside Cem, Roslyn, Montgomery Co., PA
Malcom Alexander 1st Inf. K
Maldon Green 1st Inf. A
Malian Jesse R. 5th Inf. F
Malin Charles P. Cav. 1st Bn. G,D
Mallett Gilbert 1st Inf. B
Mallett Gilbert 2nd Inf. D,K
Mallilien James 6th Inf. E
Mallison John 4th Inf. I
Malone John 1st Inf.
Maloney Isaac 4th Inf. D
Maloney James W. 6th Inf. G
Maloney John Cav. 1st Bn. C
Maloney John 1st Inf. A Music
Maloney John 1st Inf. K
Maloney M. 4th Inf. F
Maloney Thomas 1st Inf. H Music
Maloney Thomas 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) H
Maloney Thomas 1st Inf. K Sgt.
Maloney Thomas 2nd Inf. Music
Maloney William 1st Inf. B Drum
Maloy Thomas 1st Inf.
Mammele Christian 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) K
Mancel Joseph 7th Inf. K Sgt.
Manering Alphonzo (Alphonzo H.) 2nd Inf. G Fifer
Manering James 2nd Inf.
Manering  James F.  1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) C
Maney James 5th Inf. A
Manifold Benjamin 1st Inf. I
Maning Michael 1st Inf. B
Mankrow Ludwig 3rd Inf. E
Manlove Henry 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) G
Manlove James G. 1st Inf. D
Manlove John L. 1st Inf. D
Manlove  John W. 6th Inf. I
Manlove Thomas Cav. 1st Bn. C Cpl.
Mann Levi 8th Inf. C
Mannering James 1st Inf. B
Mannering James F. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C Far.
Mannering James F. Arty. Crossley's Half Co.
Mannering John 1st Inf. G
Mannering John 6th Inf. A
Mannering John H. (John) 2nd Inf. K
Mannering Peter 1st Inf. B
Manning Dennis 1st Inf. B
Manning John 1st Inf. I
Manning Patrick Hvy.Art. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Mannon Alfred L. Cav. 1st Bn. D,C
Mannon John 1st Inf. C
Manson Henry 4th Inf. B
Manstaffer George 1st Inf. A
Manuel Charles (No. 1) 8th Inf. B
Manuel Charles 8th Inf. B Sgt.
March Aaron W. 1st Inf. E
Marchant Francis D. 5th Inf. H Cpl.
Marchant Frank D. 9th Inf. B Cpl.
Mariner John H. 1st Inf. E
Mariner Thomas Cav. 1st Bn. G
Mariner William Cav. 1st Bn. G,D
Markley  John Cav. 1st Bn. F
Marks Edwin 3rd Inf. K
Marley Richard M. (Richard M. B.) Cav. 1st Bn. D,B Sgt.
Marley Richard M. W. 7th Inf. B
Marling/Marlin James (James L./Lovegrove) 2nd Inf. B 4 bur: Westminster Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Marling William 2nd Inf. B
Marr George M. 7th Inf. C
Marr James B. 3rd Inf. B Maj.
Marr John B. 5th Inf. G
Marr John R. 7th Inf. D Sgt.
Marrine John W. 6th Inf. I
Marriner William 3rd Inf. D
Marriner William F. (William) 3rd Inf. B
Marsden John 1st Inf. G
Marseille Henry Hvy.Arty, Ahl's Ind. Co. Cpl.
Marsh James P. W. 6th Inf. C
Marsh William 1st Inf. C,F 2nd Lt.
Marshall Charles 2nd Inf. G
Marshall Charles H. 3rd Inf. K
Marshall Denton 3rd Inf. I
Marshall Edward 8th Inf. A
Marshall Henry S. 9th Inf. C
Marshall Job D. 9th Inf. G
Marshall John 1st Inf. A
Marshall John 5th Inf. E
Marshall John H. 7th Inf. D
Marshall John H. (John) 8th Inf. B
Marshall John P. 9th Inf. C
Marshall Samuel (Samuel D.) 1st Inf. Asst. Surg.
Marshall Samuel 6th Inf. F
Marshall Thomas (Thomas H.) 3rd Inf. K
Marshall Thomas J. 9th Inf. A,H 1st Sgt.
Marshall William 1st Inf.
Marshall William 3rd Inf. Surg.
Marshall William 6th Inf. B Surg.
Marshall William B. 4th Inf. G
Marshbank Alexander 2nd Inf. B
Marshman John 3rd Inf. A
Marshman Thomas 7th Inf. C
Martain Isaac W. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Martain Newton Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Marten Aaron 5th Inf. A
Marten William 4th Inf.  D 4th Cpl.
Martin Benjamin 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) A
Martin George H. Cav. 1st Bn. C
Martin Henry 1st Inf. H
Martin Hugh 1st Inf. D
Martin Hugh 3rd Inf. D
Martin Hugh 3rd Inf. E
Martin Irenie 7th Inf. D
Martin Irenie 8th Inf. A
Martin Jacob 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) B Cpl.
Martin James Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Martin James 1st Inf. I
Martin James H. (James) 1st Inf.  E Cpl.
Martin James I. (J.) 1st Inf. A Sgt.
Martin John Cav. 1st Bn. E,A
Martin John 1st Inf.
Martin John 1st Inf. G Cpl. d: 23 Sep 1864  cause: Diarrhea bur: Andersonville National Cemetery, GA grave #9530
Martin John 1st Inf. I
Martin Joseph 1st Inf. I
Martin Joseph E. Cav. 1st Bn. E,A Sgt.
Martin Robert Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Martin Robert 2nd Inf. G Drum
Martin Robert (Robert S.) 1st Inf.  I Sgt.
Martin Sanford 7th Inf. E
Martin  Theodore 1st Inf. C
Martin William 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) C
Martin William 4th Inf. H,A
Martin William H. 3rd Inf. D
Martin William P. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Martindale Stephen 3rd Inf. C Cpl.
Martindale Thomas 1st Inf. (3 mo '61) D Cpl.
Marval James 2nd Inf. E
Marvel Alfred 9th Inf. C
Marvel Andrew J. Cav. 1st Bn. D,B
Marvel Charles 7th Inf. H
Marvel David B. Cav. 1st Bn.  F,C
Marvel David B. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Marvel David B. 1st Inf. B
Marvel Henry 7th Inf. I
Marvel Hiram M. 9th Inf. D Cpl.
Marvel James H. 7th Inf. I
Marvel Lemuel (Lemuel H.) 3rd Inf. D,K
Marvel Lemuel H. 1st Inf. C
Marvel William C. 6th Inf. C
Marvel William C. 9th Inf. C
Marvel William H. 7th Inf. I
Marvel William J. Cav. 1st Bn.  F,C Cpl.
Mason Alexander H. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) C
Mason, Alexander  H. (Alexander) 2nd Inf. K Cpl.
Mason Daniel Cav. 1st B. C d:  09 Sep 1863  bur:  Loudon National Cemetery, MD
Mason Daniel 4th Inf. H
Mason Edward Cav. 1st Bn. A
Mason Frank Cav. 1st Bn. A
Mason George W. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Mason George W. 4th Inf. E
Mason James 2nd Inf. D
Mason James 7th Inf. D
Mason James P. Cav. 1st Bn. E,A
Mason John 4th Inf. K Cpl.
Mason John M. (John) 1st Inf. I Cpl
Mason John R. 3rd Inf. E Sgt.
Mason Lewis (Lewis L.) 8th Inf. A Cpl.
Mason Lewis H. 7th Inf. G
Mason Park Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Mason Richard H. 5th Inf. D
Mason Robert J. 4th Inf. K
Massay James T. 3rd Inf. K
Massay William W. (William) 3rd Inf. K
Massey Charles 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) G
Massey Charles 5th Inf. D Music
Massey George V. Cav. 1st Bn. A 1st Lt.
Massey Henry Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Massey James J. 1st Inf. D
Massey  Joseph 3rd Inf. H
Massey Peter F. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Massey William T. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Massey William T. 5th Inf. G Sgt.
Masson James 7th Inf. E
Massy John 6th Inf. C
Massy Joseph H. H. 6th Inf. E
Massy Peter 6th Inf. C
Matchin Robert Cav. 1st Bn. C Sgt.
Matheney Alfred W. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Matherson John J. 3rd Inf. E
Mathews John F. 1st Inf. H
Mathews John S. 6th Inf. K 1st Lt.
Mathews Michael 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) A
Mathews Michael 7th Inf. C Cpl.
Mathews Solomon 7th Inf. I
Mathews Stanbury C. 6th Inf. K Cpl.
Mathews Wingate 3rd Inf. D
Mathewson Luther 3rd Inf. I
Denny 4th Inf. G 5 buried: Wakeman Village Cemetery, Wakeman Twp. Huron County, OH 
Matthew Charles 1st Inf. K
Matthews John 1st Inf. K
Matthews John S. 9th Inf. H Capt.
Matthews Michael 1st Inf. A
Matthews Michael 8th Inf. A
Matthews Peter 4th Inf. I
Matthews Stansbury C. 9th Inf. D Sgt.
Mattox George W. 9th Inf. H
Maucill Joseph 5th Inf. F Sgt.
Maudsley James 5th Inf. D
Maull David (David W.) 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) G Capt.
Maull David W. 1st Inf. Surg.
Maull Edward 1st Inf. F 1st Sgt.
Maull Edward 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) H Cpl.
Maull James E. 9th Inf. A
Maurer Otto 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) K Drum
Maurer Otto 5th Inf. E
Mauship Alfred H. 9th Inf.  A 1st Sgt.
Mauship William E. 9th Inf. A Cpl
Max Charles 8th Inf.
Max William 4th Inf. C
Maxwell A. D. 1st Inf. Sgt.
Maxwell Alexander D. 3rd Inf. F Sgt.
Maxwell Benjamin D. 5th Inf. A
Maxwell John 5th Inf. I
Maxwell Marshall P. 7th Inf. D
Maxwell Samuel 8th Inf. B
Maxworthy George W. 2nd Inf. D Cpl. 2 d: 9-16-1864  bur: Andersonville Nat'l Cemetery - grave #8972
May William 1st Inf. E
May William 1st Inf. G
May William 4th Inf. E
Mayberry James A Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Mayberry John B. 1st Inf. C Sgt. 6 bur: Glenwood Cemetery, Smyrna, Delaware
Mayberry John B. 1st Inf. F Sgt.
Mayberry William 1st Inf. F
Mayer Charles 3rd Inf. B
Mayer John 2nd Inf. F
Mayhew Frank 1st Inf. D Sgt.
Mayhew Frank 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) D
Mayhew William 2nd Inf. D
Maynard James 2nd Inf. G
Maynard John 2nd Inf.
Maynard Joseph 4th Inf. B
Mayne William 5th Inf. D Sgt.
Mayne William 7th Inf. A Sgt.
Mays Samuel 2nd Inf. E
Mays Stephen Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. Artif.

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