I received a note from one of our readers asking about posting a message regarding the Civil War and she also mentioned letters. You all know me and Civil War letters!!!! I wrote back to her and told her I'd be glad to make the posting for her in the Genealogy Forum's American Civil War History Special Interest Group newsletter, the Weekly Fireside, if she'd just write up what she wanted. I also asked about the letters, whether it would be possible to share them with others. It turned out she was a go-between for a gentleman with whom she works. BUT, in helping him, she found she also has Civil War ancestors. I've been able to gather some information for both of them.

Not long ago, I received 11 letters via snail mail from Larry Boynton, grgrandson of William Short to share with you all.  These letters are not to be used elsewhere.  If you wish to contact Mr. Boynton, please email me.

Used with the permission of Mr. Short's Great-Grandson, Larry Boynton

Newport News, VA Nov. 6th 1861


Camp Butler, Newport News, VA Nov. 18th 1861


Camp Butler, Newport News, VA Feb. 2, 1862


Camp Butler, Newport News, VA Feb. 13, 1862


Camp Butler, Newport News, VA Feb. 23, 1862


Norfolk City, VA May 12, 1862


Fair Oaks Station, VA  approx June 6, 1862


Tanellytown, MD  Sept 4 1862


Newport News, VA  March 1st, 1863


Parish, Kentucky  March 27, 1863


Somerset, Kentucky  14th May 1863


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