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27 June 2007

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Through Peggy, formerly known as AntietamCW we have an interview with Mrs. R. E. Lee.  Enjoy the interview! 

We have a couple book reviews this month sent by our readers.  Be sure to check them out.  If you've read a Civil War book and you'd like to tell our readers about it, please feel free to send your review to bitsobluengray@aol.com  When you send mail, PLEASE put something in the subject line so I will KNOW it is about the website, or it may get deleted by accident.

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We're always on the lookout for letters or anything else Civil War related to share here on the Bits of Blue and Gray website, so if you have something you would like to share, or you know someone who does, please contact me. 

Newly included is some additional information about Joseph Simpson of the 5th Delaware

NOTE: If you've sent something and don't see it appear on the site, PLEASE let me know. 

If you haven't already checked them out, thru the generosity of the ShoeString Genealogy Website, we now have THREE Civil War Crossword puzzles. Nautical Theme, Admiral Farragut provided the list of words while on his celestial furlough.,  Civil War Horses and Civil War Crossroad Puzzle.    Our thanks to the ShoeString Genealogy website for hosting the puzzles for us.    They take awhile to load, but I hope you'll enjoy them. 


  The August 2007 Column  

Interview with Mrs. R.E. Lee 
through the kindness of Peggy, formerly AntietamCW


  Today in the US Civil War  
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Interview with
Mrs. R.E. Lee 

through the kindness of Peggy, formerly AntietamCW

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Julia Boggs Dent Grant
By Julia Boggs Dent Grant told through AntietamCW/Peggy

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Book Reviews  
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These are also listed in the
"From Our Readers" File

More Book Reviews 
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As are the above reviews, these are also listed in the
"From Our Readers" File

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Fort Delaware Pictures!
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Fort Delaware History 

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 Confederate Campaigns of the Southwest 

"Chronicles of the Great Rebellion"

 Delaware Roster of Union Soldiers 


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