Dobb to Dyson

Dobb Henry 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F
Dobb Henry F. (Henry) 8th Inf
Dobbin Willliam 3rd Inf A
Dobbs Henry 1st Inf B Cpl.
Dockendorf Frank (Francis) 1st Inf H 2Bur: Flushing Cemetery, Queens, NY 
Francis was a substitute for a George R. Sain of Cedar Creek Hundred, DE   
Dockery Elijah H. (Elijah) Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. Cpl.
Dockten Adam 1st Inf G
Dodd Avery A. 6th Inf F Cpl.
Dodd Clement N. Cav. 1st Bn. A,B Sgt.
Dodd George W. 1st Inf E
Dodd James 1st Inf H
Dodd James S. 3rd Inf H
Dodd John Cav. 1st Bn. G
Dodd Peter P. 6th Inf B
Dodd William  A. W.A. 4th Inf G Cpl.
Dodd William E. 6th Inf C
Dodd  William H. 4th Inf H
Dodge George W. (George) 4th Inf A Cpl.
Doehler William 8th Inf B
Dogherty Daniel 7th Inf A
Dogherty John 7th Inf A
Dogherty John, Jr. 7th Inf A
Dogherty John, 3rd 7th Inf A
Dogherty Michael 7th Inf A
Dogherty William C. 7th Inf A
Dolan Robert 2nd Inf A
Dolan Thomas 1st Inf
Dolan Thomas 1st Inf B
Dolan Thomas 2nd Inf I
Dolan William Cav. 1st Bn. B
Dolbow Andrew (Andrew J.) 8th Inf C
Dolbow John 9th Inf B
Dolen James Lt.Art. Nield's Ind.Btty.
Dolton Elihu 2nd Inf K
Donahue John 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) I
Donahue John 3rd Inf E
Donahue Mathew 5th Inf B
Donahue Michael Hvy.Art. Ahl's Ind. Co. Cpl.
Donahue William 3rd Inf E
Donahue Wm. I. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) F Cpl.
Donaley Luke 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) C
Donathan Lemuel 1st Inf G
Donavan Daniel 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) E
Donaway William P. 6th Inf K
Donbrooke Charles 4th Inf K
Donghan John 1st Inf
Donnahoe John 1st Inf C
Donnahoe Peter W. 6th Inf B
Donnahoe Robert E. 6th Inf B
Donnally William 3rd Inf
Donnelley John 1st Inf C Cpl.
Donnelley Luke 1st Inf C
Donnelly James 4th Inf F
Donnelly John 1st Inf H
Donnelly Michael 2nd Inf F
Donnelly Michael 2nd Inf K 1 d:  16 Oct 1903 bur: Hatboro Cemetery, Hatboro, PA
Donnelly Patrick 8th Inf C
Donnelly Thomas 7th Inf G
Donnelly Thomas 8th Inf A
Donnelly Wm. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B
Donnelly William 1st Inf C
Donnelly William 3rd Inf E Cpl.
Donoho John P. 9th Inf F
Donohoe John 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A
Donohoe Michael 8th Inf C
Donohue Hugh (Donohoe) 2nd Inf D d:  20 Aug 1864  cause: Scorbutus bur: Andersonville National Cemetery, GA  Grave #6217
Donohue Michael 7th Inf C
Donohue Thomas 2nd Inf D
Donohue Timothy 2nd Inf K
Donovan Daniel 1st Inf G
Donovan Dennis 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) I
Donoway James S. 9th Inf H
Dooley John 1st Inf A
Dooley John 7th Inf C
Dooley  Michael 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A Music
Dooley Michael (Michael S.) 1st Inf H, K 2nd Lt.
Dooley Patrick 1st Inf B Drum Major
Dooley Patrick 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B Fifer
Dooley Patrick 7th Inf C Music
Dooley Patrick 8th Inf C Music
Doolin Patrick 2nd Inf F
Dooling Daniel 3rd Inf E
Dora John H. 3rd Inf D
Doran Thomas 2nd Inf E
Doran Thomas 3rd In G
Dorcey James 1st Inf
Dorey George W. 9th Inf C
Dorey Wm. (Wm. H.) 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Dorrell Thomas C. 3rd Inf A
Dorrell William B. (William) 3rd Inf C Lt. Col.
Dorschel Julius 8th Inf C
Dory George W. 6th Inf  C
Doud Patrick 1st Inf G
Dougharty John 4th Inf
Dougherty Anthony 8th Inf A
Dougherty Collins 1st Inf A
Dougherty Daniel Lt.Arty. Nield's Ind.Btty.
Dougherty Daniel 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) I
Dougherty Daniel 7th Inf E
Dougherty Daniel 8th Inf A
Dougherty Dennis 1st Inf H
Dougherty Edward 8th Inf
Dougherty Edward  J. 4th Inf C Sgt.
Dougherty George B. 5th Inf D
Dougherty Hugh 1st Inf C
Dougherty Hugh 2nd Inf K
Dougherty Hugh 5th Inf D
Dougherty James 1st Inf C d:  03 Jul 1863   bur:  Gettysburg National Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA  grave # Sec C #1
Dougherty James 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Dougherty James 4th Inf C
Dougherty James 4th Inf H
Dougherty James 5th Inf B
Dougherty John 1st Inf
Dougherty John 1st Inf D
Dougherty John 1st Inf H
Dougherty John 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) I Ens.
Dougherty John 2nd Inf H
Dougherty John 3rd Inf F
Dougherty John 4th Inf B
Dougherty John 5th Inf B
Dougherty John 7th Inf B
Dougherty Joseph Cav. 1st Bn G
Dougherty Michael Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co.
Dougherty Michael Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Dougherty Patrick 1st Inf
Dougherty Patrick 1st Inf D
Dougherty Patrick 3rd Inf A
Dougherty Peter 4th Inf A
Dougherty Philip 1st Inf C
Dougherty Thomas 5th Inf B
Dougherty Thomas I. 2nd Inf B
Dougherty Wm. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) C
Dougherty William 2nd Inf K Cpl.
Dougherty William 3rd Inf F
Dougherty William C. 5th Inf B
Doughton Mordicai 5th Inf K
Douglas Armour 1st Inf D
Douglass Charles M. 9th Inf A
Dover John 3rd Inf I
Dowald Robert 2nd Inf I
Dowlin Alfred 1st Inf F
Dowlin Alfred 7th Inf G
Dowlin Alfred 8th Inf
Dowling John 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Dowling John H. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A
Dowling John H. 4th Inf  H, B 1st Lt.
Downes Edward M. (Edward) 3rd Inf B
Downes William N. Arty. Crossley's Half Co.
Downes William T. Cav. 1st Bn C N.C.S Hosp. Stew.
Downey Daniel 1st Inf G
Downey Samuel 1st Inf H
Downey Thomas 8th Inf C
Downham Charles J. 1st Inf F Fifer
Downham James 3rd Inf H
Downham John 6th Inf G Capt.
Downham Thomas S. (Thomas) 4th Inf G
Downham William H. H. 1st Inf K
Downing Henry W. 5th Inf E
Downing James (James E.) 1st Inf K
Downing John 3rd Inf A
Downing John B. 7th Inf K Cpl.
Downing John W. 5th Inf E
Downing John W. 9th Inf D
Downing  Peter 2nd Inf I
Downing Thomas 5th Inf G
Downing Timothy 3rd Inf F
Downs Joseph 1st Inf C
Downs Robert S. 4th Inf G
Doyle James 1st Inf C
Doyle James 4th Inf F
Doyle John 4th Inf B
Doyle Patrick 3rd Inf K Cpl.
Doyle Patrick 4th Inf E
Doyle Peter 2nd Inf A
Doyle Thomas 4th Inf B Cpl.
Draar Nicholas Cav. 1st Bn. E, A
Drabold John 4th Inf D
Draper Abram H. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) H
Draper Abram H. (A. H.) 4th Inf A Sgt.
Draper Benjamin (Benjamin T.) 4th Inf E
Draper Benjamin 6th Inf H
Draper Benjamin Y. 1st Inf C,D,H 1st Lt.
Draper Benjamin Y. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) D Cpl.
Draper Daniel 6th Inf H
Draper Ephraim 3rd Inf A
Draper Isaac 3rd Inf E
Draper John  L. 6th Inf H
Draper John W. 1st Inf  H Sgt.
Draper Joseph H. 9th Inf A
Draper Thomas 3rd Inf H Capt.
Draper Thomas I. 6th Inf H
Draper William H. 1st Inf H
Draught John 3rd Inf E
Dreer Charles 2nd Inf E
Dressen Henry 1st Inf A
Dressen Henry 3rd Inf I
Drew William 2nd Inf C, K 1st Lt.
Driggest Levi 4th Inf E bur:  Lambertville Cemetery, Lambertville, MI
Drinkhouse William (William H.) 4th Inf F, K 1st Sgt.
Driscoll Henry 8th Inf B
Driscoll Jeremiah 8th Inf B
Drought John 1st Inf C
Drown George 4th Inf C
Drummond Jackson 2nd Inf C
Drummond William (William T.) 1st Inf H
Drury John 1st Inf
Dryer Henry 1st Inf A
Ducy Thomas 4th Inf C, A
Duff Charles 2nd Inf F
Duff Emmett 5th Inf F
Duff Lawrence Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Inc. Co. Sgt.
Duffey Daniel 1st Inf C
Duffey Edward 7th Inf K
Duffey Joseph 4th Inf B
Duffle Samuel 1st Inf K
Duffy Edward 8th Inf B
Duffy Hugh 1st Inf A Sgt.
Duffy Hugh 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B
Duffy John 1st Inf E
Duffy John 4th Inf I
Duffy Patrick 1st Inf  E
Dugan John 5th Inf B
Dugan John 7th Inf A
Dugan Patrick 2nd Inf K
Duhadanay William P. 6th Inf G
Duhdaway Thomas 7th Inf C
Duke Francis R. 2nd Inf F 2nd Lt.
Dulaney Minos 1st Inf
Dulert Patrick 2nd Inf H
Dulin Charles H. 6th Inf F
Dunavant Jacob 4th Inf D
Dunaway William P. 9th Inf H Cpl.
Dunbar George 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Dunbar James 2nd Inf I
Dunbar James 8th Inf C
Dunbar Joseph 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) F
Dunbar William 3rd Inf K
Duncan George W. 7th Inf F
Duncan John 1st Inf C
Duncan Richard B. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) F Lt.
Duncan Richard R. 5th Inf C Capt.
Duncan William H. 3rd Inf C Cpl.
Duncan William H. 7th Inf F
Dunlap Alexander 4th Inf E
Dunlap Hugh 6th Inf F
Dunn George 1st Inf
Dunn James R. 9th Inf E
Dunn John 1st Inf
Dunn John 2nd Inf I
Dunn John  M. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B
Dunn John M. 1st Inf K, E 1st Lt.
Dunn John M. 3rd Inf G 2nd Lt.
Dunn John M. 7th Inf C 1st Lt.
Dunn John M. 8th Inf 1st Lt.
Dunn Nicholas Cav. 1st Bn. E, A
Dunn Richard Cav. 1st Bn. B
Dunn Thomas Cav. 1st Bn. D
Dunn William 2nd Inf D
Dunn William H. Cav. 1st Bn. B
Dunn William H. 9th Inf F
Dunning Daniel L. 5th Inf I
Dunning Erasmus C. Cav. 1st Bn. A Capt.
Dunning John W. Cav. 1st Bn. G, D Sgt.
Dunsing Charles Cav. 1st Bn. D
Dunsmore William 4th Inf K
DuPont Alexis J. 7th Inf A 1st Lt.
DuPont Eugene 7th Inf A
DuPont Lammot 5th Inf B Capt.
Duprey Edward Lt.Arty. Nield's Ind.Btty.
Durand August (Augustus) 1st Inf G
Durant Geo Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. Wag.
Durham Matthew 3rd Inf K
Durnall Harvey J. (Harvey) 4th Inf E bur: Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Newark, DE
Dustin Silas R. Cav. 1st Bn. B
Dutton George 1st Inf K
Dutton Jacob J. (Jacob) 1st Inf A 1st Sgt.
Dutton Jacob J. 8th Inf 1st Sgt.
Dutton James 1st Inf G Cpl.
Dutton Joseph A. 7th Inf D
Dutton Joseph C. 4th Inf D Sgt.
Dutton Samuel 1st Inf D
Duwall Charles H. Cav. 1st Bn. A N.C.S. Sgt.Maj.
Dyce George (George T.) Cav. 1st Bn. D, B
Dyer Bennett Cav. 1st Bn. G, D
Dyer John W. (John) 3rd Inf I
Dyer Stephen 1st Inf F
Dyer Stephen 3rd Inf H
Dyer William 5th Inf K
Dyet James 9th Inf F
Dyett Nathan  T. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co. Cpl.
Dyke James 2nd Inf I
Dyson Andrew 8th Inf

1  2 from Jim Haas  

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