Copeland to Cutting

Copeland John J. (John) 1st Inf F
Copeland John J. 8th Inf
Copes Joseph 9th Inf A Music
Copes Joseph 6th Inf C
Corbin Amos K. 6th Inf I
Corbit Charles Cav. 1st Bn. C Capt.
Corbit Daniel 7th Inf B
Corby John 1st Inf
Corcoran Thomas 4th Inf F
Cordrey John K. 9th Inf C Cpl.
Cordray Charles H. 9th Inf E
Cordrey George E. 3rd Inf D Cpl.
Cordrey Perry W. 9th Inf H
Cordry Charles 6th Inf H
Corker John S. 1st Inf D Cpl.
Cornell Horatio 1st Inf Sgt.
Cornell Horatio 1st Inf (3mo. '61) B
Cornell Horatio 3rd Inf H 1st Sgt.
Cornell Vincent 7th Inf C
Corney James 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F
Corney Michael 1st Inf (3mo. '61) E
Cornish Jones 1st Inf B
Cornog Augustus Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Correll Louis 1st Inf H Sgt.
Corson Abijah 3rd Inf E Sgt.
Corwin Terrence Cav. 1st Bn. A
Cosden John 7th Inf F Capt.
Costello Michael 1st Inf K
Cotman John 3rd Inf H
Cotter William E. Lt.Arty. Nield's Ind.Btty. Sgt.
Cotton Charles B. 2nd Inf B
Cotton George W. 1st Inf I
Cotton George W. 3rd Inf C
Cotton James H. 6th Inf A Sgt.
Cotton James H. 7th Inf F Sgt.
Cotrell John Cav. 1st Bn. D
Coulby Daniel 1st Inf G Sgt.
Coulson William (William C.) 4th Inf C Sgt.
Coulter Benjamin 7th Inf H
Coulter Henry 4th Inf A
Counsell William T. 9th Inf F
Countis George W. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Countiss William L. 5th Inf A
Cove  Michael 5th Inf B
Coverdale George A. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Coverdale Hiram 6th Inf F
Coverdale Hiram 9th Inf F
Coverdale James 1st Inf F,G Sgt.
Coverdale John P. 1st Inf Music
Coverdale John P. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) E
Coverdale J. P. 6th Inf E
Covert Howard 2nd Inf I
Covington Elwood 4th Inf A
Cowan George 1st Inf (3mo, '61) F
Coward John  M. (John) Cav. 1st Bn. D,H
Coward John M. 5th Inf H b:  03 July 1911  bur:  Philadelphia National Cemetery, PA
Cowdright Hillery 1st Inf (3mo, '61)  D
Cowell Thomas 3rd Inf G
Cowen Christopher 7th Inf C
Cowen John 2nd Inf F
Cowgill Edward D. 6th Inf G Cpl.
Cowgill Ezekiel 6th Inf G
Cowgill Thomas G. Cav. 1st Bn E,A 1st Sgt.
Cowrsey Jackson 6th Inf G
Cox Aaron (Aaron W.) 1st Inf F
Cox Aaron W. 3rd Inf H
Cox Alfred G. 7th Inf H
Cox Alfred G. 9th Inf B 2nd Lt.
Cox Alfred J. 5th Inf I Sgt.
Cox  Benjamin 1st Inf A
Cox Benjamin 1st Inf (3mo. '61) A
Cox Brinton Cav. 1st Bn. D,A
Cox Brinton 3rd Inf E
Cox Canby 5th Inf A
Cox Edwin 1st Inf  F
Cox Garrett V. 1st Inf I
Cox Henry W. 8th Inf B
Cox James (James T.) 4th Inf C
Cox James M. 5th Inf I
Cox John Cav. 1st Bn. A
Cox John T. Cav. 1st Bn. E
Cox John W. Lt.Arty.Nields' Ind,.Btty.
Cox Joseph 2nd Inf D
Cox Joseph B. 3rd Inf F Drum
Cox Joshua 3rd Inf
Cox Lewis P. Cav. 1st Bn. D
Cox Mathew 6th Inf G
Cox Richard 1st Inf (3mo. '61) B Drum
Cox Richard 1st Inf H Cpl.
Cox Stephen T. 5th Inf A
Cox Thomas 1st Inf (3mo '61) F
Cox Thomas 4th Inf F,K Cpl.
Cox William 2nd Inf A
Coxe Cheney C. Cav. 1st Bn. G,D
Coyle Bernard 1st Inf (3mo. '61) I
Coyle David 5th Inf G Cpl.
Coyle George 8th Inf A
Coyle James 4th Inf K
Coyle John H. 8th Inf
Coyle Patrick 3rd Inf A
Coyle Partrick 5th Inf C
Coyn Henry 1st Inf E
Cozens Henry 1st Inf A
Cozens Henry D. 3rd Inf I
Crabb Albert L. (Albert) 1st Inf K
Craig Elwood 4th Inf A Cpl.
Craig Frederick 8th Inf C
Craig George, Jr. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co
Craig George Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind,Btty.
Craig Jacob 5th Inf D
Craig James 5th Inf H Cpl.
Craig James B. 6th Inf C
Craig James  D. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C Cpl.
Craig James M. 9th Inf B Cpl.
Craig John C. 5th Inf H Music
Craig John  M. Cav. 1st Bn. C
Craig Joseph 1st Inf F Cpl.
Craig Lamborn 5th Inf D
Craig Nelson 1st Inf (3mo. '61) G Cpl.
Craig Samuel R. 5th Inf C
Cramer Henry D. 6th Inf E
Cramfield Burton 3rd Inf B
Cramfield William 3rd Inf B
Crampfield Burton 1st Inf K
Crampfield Isaac 9th Inf C
Crampfield Jacob Cav. 1st Bn. D
Crampfiled William 1st Inf I
Crather Christian 3rd Inf
Crawford George 7th Inf C
Crawford George M. 8th Inf C 5th Sgt.
Crawford John 4th Inf D
Crawford Roderick 2nd Inf I Cpl.
Crawford Roderick M. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) C
Crawford Roderick M. 7th Inf K
Crawford Roderick M. 8th Inf A Cpl.
Crawford Whitfield 5th Inf A
Crawford William W. 7th Inf G
Credick William 3rd Inf A
Creeden Charles 4th Inf H
Cregg John 7th Inf B
Creighton Frank 1st Inf C
Creller Samuel 1st Inf B
Creson John 7th Inf A
Croasdale Willis J. (I.) 4th Inf I Cpl.
Crock Michael 1st Inf (3mo. '61) H
Crocket John 7th Inf K
Croft Edward 5th Inf K
Croft Israel F. 5th Inf K
Croft Mathew 1st Inf Band
Croft Matthew 5th Inf D
Croft Matthew 8th Inf C Cpl.
Croissant Valentine 2nd Inf G
Croker James 7th Inf K
Cromey William 7th Inf K
Croney Philemon 4th Inf K Sgt.
Cronscup George R. 3rd Inf E
Crookenback Joshua 4th Inf C
Crooks Benjamin 1st Inf B
Crooks Benjamin 2nd Inf B,K Cpl.
Crookshanks William 2nd Inf B
Cropper Molton W. 3rd Inf A
Cropper William Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Cropper William, Jr. 6th Inf D
Crosby George H. 8th Inf A
Crosby James 7th Inf E
Crosby Robert Cav. 1st Bn. E,A
Crosdale Wm. F. 5th Inf C
Crosdale William T. 7th Inf D
Crosgrave John 7th Inf G
Crosley Edward 7th Inf K
Crosley George H. 7th Inf C
Crosley Thomas 7th Inf C Capt.
Croson William 4th Inf F
Cross James 8th Inf
Cross James  H. (James) 2nd Inf E Sgt.
Cross John 1st Inf (3mo. '61) I
Cross Jonathan S. (Jonathan) 2nd Inf E
Crossan Theodore 4th Inf E
Crossland Joseph G. 3rd Inf I Sgt.
Crossley James Cav. 1st Bn. D,A
Crossley James 6th Inf E
Crossley James M. (James) 1st Inf K Sgt.
Crossley John W. 7th Inf G
Crossley John W. 8th Inf B 2nd Sgt.
Crossley Risdon L. 6th Inf F,E
Crossley Thomas Arty. Crossley's Half Co. 1st Lt.
Crossley Thomas 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F Capt.
Crossley Thomas 5th Inf G Cpl.
Crossley Thomas 8th Inf C Capt.
Crossley Thomas M. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F Sgt.
Crosslin Joseph 1st Inf Sgt.
Crosslind Charles Cav. 1st Bn. D,A
Crosson John L. 8th Inf C
Crothers Alexander 2nd Inf K
Crothers John 1st Inf (3mo. '61) C
Crouch William A. 7th Inf H
Crow John Hvy.Art. Ahl's Ind. Co. 
Crow John 1st Inf (3mo. '61) C
Crow  John H. 1st Inf A
Crow John H. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) A
Crow William H. Arty. Crossley's Half Co.
Crowley John C. Cav. 1st Bn. A,C Cpl.
Crozier Alexander 7th Inf G Cpl.
Crozier Andrew I. 5th Inf D
Crozier Andrew J. 7th Inf A Cpl.
Crozier Archibald 5th Inf G
Crozier Archibald 7th Inf D
Crozier James 7th Inf G Cpl.
Crozier James T. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) E Sgt.
Crozier John 1st Inf (3mo. '61) E
Crozier William 7th Inf G Cpl.
Crumlish Patrick 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F
Crumlish Patrick 2nd Inf H
Crummer James 1st Inf (3mo. '61) C
Crummer James S. (James) 1st Inf G Cpl.
Crummer Thomas 2nd Inf H Cpl.
Cruthers Robert Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Cubbage Luther 1st Inf B
Cubbage Luther F. (Luther) 2nd Inf I
Cubbage Michael 2nd Inf H
Cubbins John 1st Inf
Culbert Samuel 5th Inf C
Cullen Burton (Burton C.) 3rd Inf K
Cullen Francis 3rd Inf I
Cullen George P. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) G
Cullen Hezekiah 1st Inf (3mo. '61) D Cpl.
Cullen Hezekiah 4th Inf H Capt.
Cumer John 5th Inf C
Cumming Joseph 8th Inf C
Cummings A. (Alexander)
Cummings Benjamin 4th Inf B
Cummings James W. 3rd Inf
Cummings John R. 7th Inf K
Cummings Levi 8th Inf C
Cummings William C. 7th Inf K
Cummings William C. 8th Inf C
Cummings William S. (William) 4th Inf B
Cummins Benjamin 5th Inf A
Cummins Dennis 4th Inf K
Cummins John (John W.) 4th Inf H Cpl.
Cummins Lewis C. (Lewis) 1st Inf A
Cummins Martin 1st Inf (3mo. '61) I
Cummins Robert H. 6th Inf A QM
Cummins William 2nd Inf E
Cummins Wm. C. 1sr Inf (3mo. '61) F
Cunard Lewis 2nd Inf B
Cunningham Frank Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. 
Cunningham James 4th Inf K
Cunningham Mark 1st Inf A
Cunningham Robert 1st Inf F d: 21 Nov 1864 cause: Scorbutus bur: Andersonville National Cemetery, GA  Grave#11245
Cunningham Stephen 1st Inf B
Cunningham Thomas 2nd Inf A
Cunningham William E. 7th Inf H
Cunningham William E 8th Inf A
Curby Martin (Martin T.) 1st Inf D Cpl.
Curgill Robert 5th Inf B
Curlett James 7th Inf C Cpl.
Curlett Thomas 7th Inf C
Curlett Thomas 8th Inf A
Curley John Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Curley Michael 2nd Inf F
Curn Henry 7th Inf G
Curns James 3rd Inf G Cpl.
Curran Hugh 2nd Inf E
Curran John 8th Inf C
Curray Benjamin T. 5th Inf I
Curry Ellis (Ellis P.) 4th Inf E
Curry George W. 4th Inf D Capt.
Curry Henry 1st Inf B Lt.
Curry Henry 8th Inf B 1st Lt.
Curry Henry C. 7th Inf K 2nd Lt.
Curry James 3rd Inf C
Curry John 1st Inf H
Curry Thomas 1st Inf D
Curtis Edward W. 5th Inf G
Curtis George 1st Inf
Curtis John 1st Inf E
Curtis John M. 7th Inf F
Curtis William P. 8th Inf
Cush Barney 4th Inf E
Cushing Timothy 4th Inf K
Custis William 1st Inf A
Cutting George 8th Inf D
Cutting James 1st Inf B

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