Alabama - Confederate    
Alabama- Sources from Google:
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2. Confederate Military History: Alabama, Extended Edition (Wilmington NC)
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NOTE:  Where no nickname was found for a regiment, the Colonel's name was used. This was in conformity with Civil War Practice.  Where a Company letter is missing or ? - the company may have existed, but no record was found. 




1st Alabama - Clayton's Regiment
   A. Gayoso Guards/ Perote
       Guards/ Tallapoosa Rifles
   B. Eufaula Rifles/ Griffin Rifles
   C.  Perote Guards
   D. Red Eagles
   E. Rough and Ready Pioneers
   F. Clayton Guards
   I. True Blues/ Dale Avengers
   K. Guards of the Sunny South

2nd Alabama- Magnolia Regiment, Maury's (Harry) Regiment
   A. Calhoun Guards
   B. Lane Guards
   C. Claiborne Guards
   D. Clarke County Rangers/
        Sluggsville Greys
   E. Franklin Blues/ Tuscumbia
   F. Southern Alabama Rangers
   G. Jackson Avengers/ Wheeler's
   H. Pop Walker Rifles
    I.  Mobile Scotch Guards
   K. Jackson Rifles

3rd Regiment, Alabama Reserves
3rd Battalion, Alabama Reserves
3 Alabama-
Wither's (Jones M.)
   A. Buffin Dragoons/ Mobile
       Cadets/ Mobile Guards
   B. Gulf City Garrison Guards
   C. Tuskegee Light Infantry
   D. Union Southern Rifles
   E. Washington Light Infantry
   F. Metropolitan Guards/ Walker
   G. Lomax Sharpshooters/ Mobile
       Free Blues/ Montgomery True
       Blues (Artillery)
   H. Lowndes Beauregards
    I. Wetomka Light Guard
   K. Mobile Rifles
   L. Dixie Eagles

4th Reg, Alabama Reserves
4th Alabama Infantry Battalion
4th Alabama
- Law's (Evandor M.) Regiment
   A. Governor's Guards
   B. Alabama Tuskegee Zouaves/
      Shorter Guards
   C. Wyatt Guards (90 days)/
       Magnolia Cadets
   D. Canebrake Rifle Guards/
       Prattsville Greys
   E. Conecuh Guards
   F. Huntsville Guards
   G. Marion Light Infantry/Marion
   H. Lauderdale Guards
   I. North Alabamians
   K. Larkinsville Guards

5th Alabama Infantry Battalion
5th Alabama-
Rodes (Robert E.) Regiment
   A. Greensborough Guards/
       Grove Hill Guards/Warrior
   B. Livingston Rifles
   C. Pickensville Blues
   D. Daniel Boone Rifles
   E. Howell Guards/Talladega
   F. Sumter Rifle Guards
   G. Cahaba Rifles
   K. Barbour Grays

6th Alabama- Rifle Regiment, Gordon's (John J.) Regiment
   A. Henry Greys
   B. Loachapoka Rifles
   C. McClenand's Battalion
   D. Independent Rifles
   E. Hayneville Guards
   G. Montgomery Greys
   H. Opelika Volunteers
   I. Raccoon Roughs/Russell
   K. Henry Blues
   L. Sam Rice Guards
   M. Autauga Guards

7th Alabama- Wood's (Sterling A.) Regiment
   A. Lafayette Guards
   B. Calhoun Grays
   C. Cherokee Grays Guards
   D. Madison Rifles
   E. Hampton Smith Rifles
   K. Florence Guards

8th Alabama- Winston's (John A. ) Regiment
   A. Alabama Rangers
   B. Governor's Guard
   C. Alexander Stephen's Guards
   D. Independent Selma Blues 
   E. Hampton Smith Guards
   F. Greenville Guards
   G.  German Fusileers
   H. German Fusileers/Mobile
       Independent Scouts
   I. Emerald Guards
   K. Southern Guards

9th Alabama- Wilcox's (Cadmus M.) Regiment
   A. Beauregard Rifles/South       
       Alabama Rangers/Marshall
   B. Montgomery Railroad Guards
   C. Alabama Volunteers/Pop
       Walker Guards
   D. Lauderdale Rifles
   E. Decatur Sons of Liberty
   F. Limestone Troopers
   G. Jeff Davis Rangers
   H. Limestone Greys/Livingston
   I. Calhoun Guards/St. Clair

10th Alabama- Forney's (John A.) Regiment
A. Ashville Guards
   B. Jefferson Volunteers
   C. Cahaba Valley Boys
   D. Alexandria Rifles
   E. Talladega Davis Rifles or
   F. Coosa Valley Guards
   G. Pop Walker Guards
   H. Choccolocco Rifles
   K. Ft. William Rifles
   L. Yancey Guards

11th Alabama- Moore's Regiment
   A. Marengo Rifles
   B. Greene County Grays
   C. Confederate Guards
   D. Canebrake Legion
   E. Washington Sharpshooters/
       Yancey Rifles
   F. Bibb Grays
   G. Northport Rifles/Tuscaloosa
   I. Pineridge Co/ Fayette and
       Pickens Rifles
   K. Independent Volunteers
   ? Coosa Valley Guards

12th Alabama- Jones (Robert T.) Regiment
   A. Lafayette Guards
   B. Coosa Independents/Coosa
   C. Independent Rifles
   D. Coffee County Rangers
   E. DeKalb Invincibles
   F. Macon Confederates
   G. North Alabama, Paint Rock
       and Woodsville Sharpshooters
   H. Denolia Rifles/Magnolia Rifles
   I. Southern Foresters
   K. Tom Watt's Rebels

13th Alabama Infantry Battalion
13th Alabama Partisan Rangers
13th Alabama-
Fry's (Birkett D.) Regiment
   A. Camden Rifles
   B. South Stars
   D. Randolph Mountaineers/
       Inedowee Volunteers
   E. Randolph Rangers
   F. Tallapoosa/Tallassee
       Guards/Inedowee Volunteers
   G. Yancey Guards
   I. Roanoke (Mitchell) Invincibles
   K. Stephens Guards

14th Alabama- Judge's (Thomas J.) Regiment
   A. Cusseta Grays
   B. Moore Guards
   C. Tom Watt's Grays
   D. Yancey Grays
   E. Gilmore's Greys
   F. Billy Gillmore Greys
   G. Hillabee True Blues
   H. Jackson Avengers
   I. Hillabee Rifles
   K. Louina Guards
   L. Texas Invincibles

15th Alabama- Cantry's (James) Regiment
   A. Canty Rifles
   B. Midway Southern Guards
   D. Ft. Browder Roughs
   E. Dale Beauregards
   F. Brundridge Guards
   G. Henry Pioneers
   I. Quitman Guards
   J. Eufaula Zouaves
   K. Eufaula City Guard/Eufaula
   L. Pike Sharpshooters

16th Alabama- Ashford's (Frederick A.) Regiment
   A. Columbia Blues/Sons of
       Dixie/Pop Walker Grays
   B. Mountain Rangers
   D. Snodgrass Guards
   E. Marshall Mountaineers
   H. Russell Valley War Hornets/
   K. Columbia Blues
   L. Columbia Blues

17th Alabama- Watt's (Thomas A.) Regiment
   A. Barton Avengers/Barton
       Rangers/Pinto Battery
   D. Cochrane Greys or Rangers
   E. Dowdell Rangers
   F. Winter Greys
   H. Scotland Invincibles
   K. Butler True Blues

18th Alabama- Holtzclaw's (James T.) Regiment
   A. Bullock Guards
   B. Coosa Farmers/ McCulloch's
      Avengers/Covington Hunters
   C. Cahaba Valley Rangers
   D. Moore's Sharpshooters/
       Coosa Farmers
   E. Confederate Stars
   F. Tom Watt's Rifles
   G. Yancey Guards
   H. A.B. Moore's Invincibles
   I. Curry Guards
   K. Confederate Blues

19th Alabama- Wheeler's (Joseph) Regiment
   A. Cherokee Rangers (Later I)/
       Dickens Rough and Readys
   B. Blount Continentals
   C. Jefferson Warriors
   D. Coosa River Guards/Jake
       Curry Guards
   E. Cherokee Guards
   F. Jeff Davis Guards
   G. Cherokee Mountaineers
   H. The Cherokees
   I. Cherokee Rangers
   K. Blount Guards

20th Alabama- Jones (Robert T.) Regiment
   A. Brooks Light Infantry
   B. Phoenx Reds
   C. Jefferson Rifles
   D. Black Warriors/ Bibb Rangers
   E. Greene County Grays
   F. Perry County Boys
   G. Cahaba Valley Guards
   H. Perry and Bibby Liners
   I. Planter's Guards

21st Alabama- Crawford's (James) Regiment
   A. Washington Light Infantry
   B. Montgomery Guards
   C. Marengo Rifles/Witherspoon
   D. Mobile Battle Guards
   E. Mobile Chamberlain Guards/
       Woodruff Guards
   F. Baldwin Rifles
   G. Spanish Guards/Southern Star
   H. Swanson Guards/French
   I. United Rangers/Independence Guards

22nd Alabama- Dea's (Zachariah C.) Regiment
   B. Frank Lyon Guards
   C. Brownrigg Warriors/Choctaw
   D. The Beauregards
   E. Calhoun Boys
   F. Dowdell Rangers
   G. Randolph Spartans
   H. Sam Cooper Rifles
   I. Pike Grays
   ? Warlock Guards

23rd Alabama- Beck's (Franklin K.) Regiment
   D. Cary Rifles
   F. Sharpshooters

24th Alabama- Buck's (William A.) Regiment
   A. Washington Guards
   C. Dixie Boys
   E. Dickinson Guards
   G. Dickinson Guards/Gulf City
       Garrison Guards
   I. Confederate Guards

25th Alabama- Loomis's (John Q.) Regiment
   A. Andalusia Beauregards
   B. Pike Guards
   C. Shelby's Confederates
   D. Ashville Guards
   E. Pickens Tigers
   F. J.J. Heflin Highlanders
   G. Hillabee Highlanders
   H. Lawler Invincibles
   I. Mountain Guards
   K. Little George Matthew's
       Friends/ Rabby's Coast

26th Alabama- Smith's (William R.) Regiment
   A. The Beauregards
   F. Tuscaloosa Mountaineers
   G. Jamison Guards
   H. Sons of 76
   I. Sipsey Guards
   K. Looxapalia Guards

27th Alabama- Tattered Volunteers, Hughes's (Adolphus A.) Regiment
   B. Confederate Sentinels
   F. New Market Rebels

28th Alabama- Frazer's (J.W.) Regiment
   F. Walker Legion
   I. Dallas Warriors

29th Alabama- Tatnall's (Jonathan R.) Regiment
   A. Walker Reynolds Guards
   B. Blout Hornets   
   D. Bibb Rifles/ Weaver Guards
   E. Philip Weaver Guards
   F. Tiger Boys
   G. Seals Guards

30th Alabama- Shelly's (Charles M.) Regiment
   B. Sallie Walker Boys

31st Alabama- Hundley’s Ragged Volunteers, Hundley's (Daniel R.) Regiment
   ? Brall's Rifles

32nd Alabama- McKinstry's  (Alexander) Regiment
   A. Wilson Guards
   C. Dickinson Guards
   E. Bigbee Tigers
   G. Dickinson Guards

33rd Alabama- Adams (Samuel) Regiment
   A. Coffee County Blues
   C. Butler County Light Infantry
   D. Dale County Volunteers
   F. Covington and Coffee Grays
   G. Daleville Blues
   H. Davis Rangers/ Greenville Guards
   I. Zollicoffer Avengers
   K. Shorter Guards

34th Alabama- Mitchell's (Julius C.) Regiment
   I. Shorter guards

35th Alabama-  La Grange Colleges Own, Robertson's (James W.) Regiment

36th Alabama- Smith's (Robert H.) Regiment
   D. Cherokee Grays

37th Alabama- Dowdell's (James F.) Regiment
   G. Wiche Jackson Blues

38th Alabama- Ketchum's (Charles T.) Regiment
   A. Eliza Flinn Volunteers
   B. Wilcox Farmers
   C. Dixie Rifles
   D. Alabama Invincibles
   E. Miller Guards
   F. North River Tigers
   G. Clifton Guards
   H. Bell Rifles
   I. Alabama Grays
   K. Joe Murrell Bayonets

39th Alabama Clayton's (Henry D.) Regiment
   A. Orion Grays
   C. Pea River Rifles
   K. Mitchell Volunteers

40th Alabama- Coleman's (Augustus A.) Regiment
   A. South Sumpter Guards
   B. Pickens Planters
   D. Fielder Rifles

41st Alabama- Tailbird's (Henry) Regiment
   A. Sipsey Guards

42nd Alabama- Portis's (John W.) Regiment
   C. McCulloch's Avengers
   E. McCulloch's Avengers
   K. Bull Mountain Invincibles

43rd Alabama- Gracie's Archibald) Regiment

44th Alabama- Kent's (James) Regiment
   A. J.M. Calhoun Guards
   B. Scottsville Guards
   E. Sallie Radcliffe Guards
   G. Washington Smith Guards
   H. Dawson Warren Co

45th Alabama- Breedlove's (Ephraim B.) Regiment
   A. Barbour Yankee Haters
   B. Dixie Sledge Guards
   I. Confederate Rudulph Volunteers

46th Alabama- Wood's (Michael L.) Regiment
   A. Southern Defenders
   B. Coosa Rangers
   C. John Gill Shorter Aides

47th Alabama- Oliver's (James M.) Regiment
   B. Tallapoosa Tigers
   C. Jeff Holley Guards
   I. Chambers Infantry
   K. Goldthwaite Grays

48th Alabama- Sheffield's (James L.) Regiment
   A. Jackson Boys
   B. Mills Valley Guards
   C. Mountain Rangers
   D. Sheffield Guards or Rifles
   E. Jacksonians
   F. Jeff Davis Boys
   G. Elisha King Guards
   H. Cherokee Grays Guards
   I. Lee County Guards/Newman
       Pounds Guards
   K. Moore's Rifles

49th Alabama- Hale's(Smith D.) Regiment
   A Oleander Guards
   C. Jackson Lions
   D. DeKalb Rifles
   G. DeKalb Rifles

50th Alabama- Coltart's (John G.) Regiment- initially numbered in error 26th Alabama
   A. Calhoun Beauregards
   C. Paint Rock Rifles
   E. Limestone Rebels
   F. Tuscaloosa Mountaineers

51st Alabama- Mounted infantry, listed with Morgan's Cavalry Brigade
   B. Thompson's Artillery

52nd Alabama- renumbered 49th regiment
   F. Oleander Guards

53rd Alabama- mounted infantry, listed with cavalry
   F. Alabama Mounted Rifles

54th Alabama (formerly 50th) Baker's (Alpheus) Regiment
   B. Confederate Bricks
   C. Griffin Rifles
   D. Chuckatoochee Riflemen
   E. Gulf Rangers
   F. Andy Moore's Guards
   G. DeKalb Rifles
   H. Mississippi Devils
   I. Alabama Hickories
   K. De Kalb Rifles

55th Alabama- The Forgotten Regiment, Snodgrass's (John) Regiment
   B. Cherokee Davis Guards
   C. Oxford Rifles
   D. Jackson Hornets
   G. Jeff Davis Guards
K. Snodgrass Guards

56th Alabama- none

57th Alabama- Cunningham's (Charles J.) Regiment
   A. Canton Guards

58th Alabama- Jones (Bush) Regiment
   I. St. Clair Sharpshooters

59th Alabama- Hall's (Bolling) Regiment
   C. Dr. Kelley Guards
   G. Siler Guards

60th Alabama- Hilliard's Legion, Sanford's (John. W.) Regiment
   B. Rebecca Williams Rifles

61st Alabama- Swanson's (William G.) Regiment

62nd Alabama- Huger's (Daniel) Regiment
   C. Bridge Guards
   D. Stonewall Cadets
   I. Rosser Reserves

63rd Alabama- Rice's (Oland S.) Regiment

64th Alabama

65th Alabama- (Underhill's E. M.) Regiment
   F. Conecuh Reserves


1st Alabama Reserves
   A. Lockhart Cadets
4th Alabama Reserves
   C. Citizens Guard
   D. Conecuh Reserves
   G. Chunchula Guards


Alabama Independent Militia Regiment- Alabama Coast Guard
2nd Militia
   A. Mobile Grays
   E. Cadet Rifles
Volunteer Militia Company- Line Creek Guard
Capt. John Hardy's Company Alabama Militia
Other Infantry/ Misc. Units- Many later incorporated into Regiments
   Alabama Volunteers- Alabama Legion
   Alabama Volunteer "Exempts"-

 Alabama Rifles
   Independent Companies- 

             Autauga Guards
             Autauga Minute Men
             Autauga Rangers
             Alexandria Rifles
             Andrew Jackson Guards
             Archie Cadets
             Atlanta Rangers
             Auburn Home Guards
             Avalanche Company
             Baldwin Guards
             Baldwin Rifles
             Baldwin Rangers
             Baldwin Star Rangers
             Barbour Rangers
             Bibb County Reserves
             Bibb Grays
             Blount County Continentals
             Bolling's Company
             Bob Jamison Reserve
             Brown's Company
             Bush's Mounted Gunmen
             Butler County Militia
             Butler Rifles
             Butler Volunteers
             Chamber's Rifles
             Cherokee Beauregards
             Cherokee Blues
             Clintonville Grays
             Coffee County Guard
             Confederate Guards
             Eufaula City Guard
             Gadsden Light Guards
             Gilmer Grays
             Gilmer Guards
             Howards Company
             Humphries Mobile Dragoons
             Independent Rangers
             Louisville Blues
             McIntoshes Company
             Merdon's Company
             Midway Southern Guards
   McGraw's Co Alabama Volunteers- Andrew Jackson Guards
   Ryall's Alabama Infantry- Archie Cadets
   Volunteer Co Alabama Infantry- Atlanta Rangers
   Alabama Mounted Infantry Volunteers- Auburn Home Guards
   Capt C.W. Watkins Co- Butler Rifles
   Capt John Waites Co- Cherokee Beauregards

Alabama Local Defense
     Toomers Co- Chunchula Guarda
   Lockett's Co (Selma)- City Guards
   Sims Ind. Co- Clintonville Grays
   Rabby's Ind Co- Coast Guard Co #1
   Capt John C. Brown's Co- local Defense- Confederate Guards
   Capt. William Jelil's Co- local Defense- Confederate Guards
   Capt. John Innerarity's Co- Garland Goode Rangers
   Capt. T. Williams Co- Garland Grays
   Capt. W. Curry's Co- Henry Rangers
   Capt C.S. Reeves Co- Home rangers
   1st Mobile Volunteers-
     E. Independent Guard
   1st Mobile Local Defense Volunteers- Independent Rifles
     K. Maury Rifles
   Capt P. Torrentine's Co- Lookout Boys
   Alabama Volunteers- Lowndes Alabama Rangers
   Capt. J.W. Rush's Co- Macon Rifles

INFANTRY BATTALIONS- later incorporated into Regiments
   A. Andalusia Beauregards
   A.Calhoun Beauregards
3rd- Sons of 76
   C. Weaver Guards 4th Cherokee Davis Guards
   C. Dixie Boys/ Oxford Rifles
   A. North Sumter Rifles
   B. Calhoun Sharpshooters/ Bush Sharpshooters
   C. White Plains Rangers
   B. Marshall Mountaineers
   A. Calhoun Beauregards
Hilliard's Legion
  1st Battalion
   A. Gillmer Grays
   D. Arch Tyson Regulars
   E. Lee Guards
  2nd Battalion
   F. Dr Kelley's Guards

1st Alabama (Clanton's- Allen's- Blakey's ) Cavalry Regiment
   A. Montgomery Mounted Rangers
   C. Pearson Dragoons
   D. Montgomery Mounted Rangers/
       Pearson Dragoons
   E. J. Powells Dragoons
   G. Pope Walker Rangers
   H. Sandy Williams Guards
   K. Montgomery Mounted Rifles

2nd Alabama (Hunter's- Earle's- Carpenter's) Cavalry Regiment
   D. Herman Artillery/Warren
       Dragoons/Warrior Dragoons
   G. Knox Dragoons
   H. Ladies Dragoons/Shorter
   ? Dillehay Dragoons

3rd Alabama (Hagan's- Robin's) Cavalry Regiment
   A. Ruffin Dragoons/Sumter Cavalry
   B. Monroe Blues/Percy
       Walker Rangers
   C. Wilcox Rangers
   D. Jackson County Mounted Rifles
   E. Mobile Humphries Dragoons
   G.  Floyd Bush Rangers
   H. Prattville Dragoons
    I. Lenoir County Dragoons

4th Alabama-  Russell's Cavalry Regiment
   A. Pope Walker Rangers
       Morehead Rangers
   F. Rebel Troopers
   ? Russell Rangers

4th Alabama (Roddy's) Cavalry Regiment

5th Alabama (Patterson's) Cavalry Regiment

6th Alabama (Colvin's) Calvary Regiment

7th Alabama Hoagson's) Cavalry Regiment
   F. Cadet Troop

8th Alabama (Ball's- Hatch's) Cavalry Regiment
   B. Coles Company/ Goldthwaite's
   F..Marshall's Boys

8th Alabama (Livingston's) Cavalry Regiment

9th Alabama (Malone's) Cavalry Regiment

10th Alabama (Pickett's) Cavalry Regiment

10th Alabama (Burtwell's) Cavalry Regiment

11th Alabama (Forrest's) Cavalry Regiment
   H. Leighton Rangers

12th Alabama (Reese's- Hundley's) Cavalry Regiment
   I. North Alabama Cavaliers

51st Alabama- Wheeler’s Favorite, (Morgan's- Kirkpatrick's) Cavalry Regiment (Partisan Rangers)
   D. Dudley Snow's Rangers

53rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment (Partisan Rangers)

56th Alabama (Boyle's) Cavalry Regiment (Partisan Rangers)


1st Alabama Partisan Rangers- Gunter's Partisan Rangers

4th AlabamaCavalry (Love's) Battalion

5th Alabama Cavalry (Hilliard's) Legion- Later merged with 10th Alabama Reg.

12th Alabama Cavalry Battalion (Partisan Rangers)

13th Alabama Cavalry Battalion (Partisan Rangers)

15th Alabama Cavalry Battalion (Partisan Rangers)

22nd Alabama Cavalry Battalion

24th Alabama Cavalry Battalion

25th Alabama Cavalry Battalion


Alabama Independent Cavalry Co.- Alabama Mounted Riflemen
Capt. John Kerr's Co. - Buckner Grays
Col William M. Lowe's Independent Reg.- Burr Tailed Regiment
Capt. A.S. Truitt's Co.- Cherokee Cavalry
Jeff Davis Legion- Canebrake Legion
Capt Jefferson Faulkner's Co.- Chambers Cavalry Co.
Capt E.M. Holloway's Co.- Crocheron Light Dragoons
Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion (Local Defense Troops) Alabama Reserves
Lewis (Harrell's) Battalion
Mead's Cavalry Battalion
Morehead's Cavalry
Bowie's Co.
Choctowhatchie Rangers
Coffee County Cavalry
English's Cavalry
Hardie's Battalion, Alabama Reserve Cavalry
Hilliard's Legion
Holloway's Co., Alabama Cavalry
Hubbard's Co, Alabama Rangers
Newman's Cavalry
Palmer's Reserve Cavalry
Roddy's Escort Cavalry
Shockley's Escort Cavalry
Uniontown Independent Troop
Young's Cavalry Co

All Battalions or Independent
1st - Forsythe's (Robert C.)

2nd- Hallonquist's (James H.)
   A. McCrae Light Artillery
   B. Water's (David) Battery
   C. Emanuel's (Thomas K.)
   D. Sengstak's (Henry A.)
   E. Gage's (Charles P.)
   F. Lumsden's (Charles L.)

20th Alabama Artillery Battalion
   C. Arkansas Helina Battery

Alabama Local Defense Artillery Battalion- Alabama State Artillery
   A. Continental Artillery
   ? Garrity's Artillery Battery


Eufaula Artillery battery
Fowler's (Phelan's) Artillery Battery
Gid, Nelson Artillery Battery
Hardaway's (Hurt's) Artillery Battery
Jeff Davis Artillery Battery
Ketchum's Artillery Battery
McWhorter's (Clanton's) Artillery Battery
Mark's (Semple's- Goldthwaite's)
        Artillery Battery
Montgomery True Blue Artillery Battery
Robertson's (Dent's) Artillery Battery
Terrant's Artillery Battery
Ward's (Cruse's) Artillery Battery
Maj. D. Truehart's Battalion
   A. G. Nelson Artillery
Barbour Light Artillery Co- Kolb's

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