Cade to Cazier

Cade John H. 3rd Inf H Capt.
Cahall Lawrence M. 6th Inf I
Cahall Richard T. 3rd Inf G
Cahill Philip 1st Inf 1st Cl.Music
Cahill Philip 1st Inf (3mo. '61) D Fifer
Cahill Philip 6th Inf E
Cahill Richard T. 1st Inf H
Cahill Thomas H. 9th Inf E
Cahill William 1st Inf
Cahill William 1st Inf F
Cahoon William 6th Inf A
Cahoon William R. 6th Inf A
Cahoon William, Jr. R. 6th Inf A
Cahoun Benjamin B. 1st Inf D
Cain Caleb 6th Inf H
Cain Daniel 3rd Inf H
Cain Daniel 6th Inf H
Cain George W. 6th Inf H
Cain James 2nd Inf I
Cain James 5th Inf B
Cain Joseph 4th inf B
Cain Robert Cav. 1st Bn. B
Cain William 3rd Inf D
Cairns John T. 7th Inf H
Cake Henry 2nd Inf G
Calaway John 3rd Inf D Cpl.
Calaway Peter (of Peter) 6th Inf H Cpl.
Caldwell John 1st Inf (3mo. '61) I
Caldwell John 4th Inf B
Caldwell William 2nd Inf G 1&2 d: 11 Apr 1864
of Diarrhea
bur: Andersonville
National Cem.  grave: #483 
Cale Richard 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F
Cale Richard 2nd Inf H
Caleb Gideon M. 1st Inf I
Calhoun James P. 3rd Inf G
Calhoun John 5th Inf B
Callahan Cornelius 2nd Inf G
Callahan John 1st Inf D 1&2 d: 07 Jun 1864
of Diarrhea
bur: Andersonville
National Cem. grave: # 1709
Callahan Thomas 2nd Inf I
Callan William H. 2nd Inf D
Callaway Eli 6th Inf H
Callaway Isaac H. (of John) 6th Inf H
Callaway Isaac H. 9th Inf E
Callaway James  H. 6th Inf H Cpl.
Callaway James W. 9th Inf H
Callaway John H. (of John) 6th Inf H
Callaway John H. 7th Inf I Cpl.
Callaway John H. 9th Inf E
Callaway John  V. 6th Inf H Sgt.
Callaway Jonathan 6th Inf H
Callaway Peter (of John) 6th Inf H
Callaway Wm. H. (of John) 6th Inf H
Callaway Wm. H. 9th Inf E
Callen Edward 1st Inf C
Calloway Garrett 7th Inf C
Calloway Isaac H. 7th Inf I
Calloway Pitt M. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind.Co.
Calloway William Cav. 1st Bn. D,B
Calloway Wm. H. 7th Inf I
Calwell Manassah 5th Inf A
Camac John H. Cav. 1st Bn. A Team.
Camac William 3rd Inf I
Cameron Malcolm 5th Inf G
Cameron Thomas 1st Inf C
Cames Charles 8th Inf
Campbell Ashael D. 6th Inf  E
Campbell Ashell D. 7th Inf D
Campbell Charles 1st Inf (3mo. '61) A Cpl.
Campbell Charles 1st Inf K Sgt.
Campbell Charles H. 6th Inf K
Campbell Charles H. 9th Inf H
Campbell Eli 1st Inf H
Campbell Eli 6th Inf D
Campbell George F. 3rd Inf I
Campbell James 4th Inf  I
Campbell John 4th Inf E d:  27 Jul 1864  bur: National Cemetery, Alexandria, VA  grave #2465
Campbell John 8th Inf
Campbell John F. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind.Co.
Campbell John  H. 5th Inf F
Campbell John L. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind.Co.
Campbell John W. 1st Inf K
Campbell Joseph H.` 4th Inf C
Campbell Lorenzo D. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Campbell Patrick 2nd Inf F
Campbell Robert 5th Inf G
Campbell Robert C. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind.Co. Jr. 2nd Lt.
Campbell Rodney 4th Inf F
Campbell Thomas N. 7th Inf K
Campbell William 1st Inf I
Campbell William 2nd Inf C
Campbell William 2nd Inf I
Campbell William 3rd Inf B
Campbell William L. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty
Campbell Zachariah Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind.Co.
Campble James 7th Inf K
Camper Richard J. (I.) Cav. 1st Bn A
Camperson George 7th Inf E
Camperson George R 1st Inf D Cpl
Camperson George R. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) D
Camperson William 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F Sgt.
Camphield James T. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) H
Canby Edmond 7th Inf E Cpl.
Canby Samuel, Jr. 2nd Inf Adj.
Cann James Alpheus Cav. 1st Bn E,H 2nd Sgt.
Cann Joseph Cav. 1st Bn D,A
Canney James C. Cav. 1st Bn C
Canning Henry 1st Inf B,G Music
Canning Henry (H. Hanning) 2nd Inf F Drum d: 17 Sep 1864  cause: Scorbutus Bur: Andersonville National Cemetery, GA, Space #9004
Cannon Cyrus W. 9th Inf  H 2nd Lt.
Cannon George W. 6th Inf K
Cannon Isaac B Cav. 1st Bn A,B
Cannon Jacob W. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) G
Cannon John C. 5th Inf B
Cannon Joseph 1st Inf A Sgt.
Cannon Joseph 1st Inf (3mo. '61) A
Cannon Levin I. Cav. 1st Bn B
Cannon Luther W. 9th Inf C Sgt.
Cannon William D. Cav. 1st Bn G,D
Cannon William H. 6th Inf I
Cannon William Laws Cav. 1st Bn B Capt.
Cant Thomas 3rd Inf I
Cantwell George 3rd Inf K
Cantwell William C. 1st Inf F
Capelle Joseph E Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Caproon Garrett 4th Inf G
Cardwell Thomas 5th Inf F
Carey Eli B. 9th Inf G
Carey George W. 9th Inf H Sgt.
Carey James R. 3rd Inf H Cpl.
Carey John 1st Inf E Sgt.
Carey John 1st Inf I
Carey John 3rd Inf B
Carey John 3rd Inf  E
Carey John C. 1st Inf E
Carey John P. 6th Inf B
Carey John  P. 9th Inf G
Carey Philip 9th Inf C
Carey Robert B. 9th Inf F
Carey Robert F. 1st Inf E
Carey Stephen 2nd Inf A d:  02 Jul 1863 bur:  Gettysburg National Cemetery grave #Sec C #2  
Carey Thomas G. 3rd Inf H
Carey Thomas P. 1st Inf E bur:  Gettysburg National Cemetery grave #Sec A #5 originally interred on M. Trostle's "Walnut Row"
Carey William A. 6th Inf K
Carey William P. 6th Inf K Sgt.
Carey William P. 9th Inf C
Carey Wolsey B. 1st Inf E
Cargill Robert 7th Inf A
Carl Patrick 4th Inf K
Carlile Green Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind.Co.
Carlin Edward 1st Inf I
Carlin Edward 3rd Inf B
Carlin John 1st Inf D
Carlin Phillip Cav. 1st Bn E,A
Carlisle George 7th Inf D
Carlisle George H. (George) 8th Inf A
Carlisle Samuel 6th Inf I
Carlisle Samuel 5th Inf A
Carlisle William E. 6th Inf I
Carlisle William E. 9th Inf E Cpl.
Carlisle William J. 9th Inf E
Carnaghy Peter Cav. 1st Bn B Far.
Carnagy Alexander 9th Inf  B
Carnathan Joseph 5th Inf H
Carney James 1st Inf
Carney James W. 4th Inf K Cpl.
Carpenter George 3rd Inf
Carpenter George A. Cav. 1st Bn E,A
Carpenter James B. 3rd Inf G 1st Sgt.
Carpenter John 7th Inf D
Carpenter John W. 7th Inf G
Carpenter John W. 8th Inf A Cpl.
Carpenter Lemuel P. Cav. 1st Bn. C
Carpenter William Cav. 1st Bn. C
Carpenter William E. 1st Inf F
Carpenter Wingate 9th Inf A
Carr Charles 4th Inf C Died:  June 3.1964 Cold Harbor National Cemetery, VA  space #759
Carr Charles L. 3rd Inf E Cpl.
Carr Daniel 1st Inf (3mo. '61) H
Carr Francis I. (or J.) 4th Inf B Drum
Carr Francis P. 3rd Inf H
Carr James 1st Inf A
Carr John Cav. 1st Bn A,B
Carr John 1st Inf
Carr John 2nd Inf F
Carr John 8th Inf
Carr Peter 2nd Inf G
Carr Richard A. 2nd Inf C Fifer
Carr Robert Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty
Carr Robert 5th Inf D
Carr William 1st Inf C Sgt.
Carr William 2nd Inf F
Carr Wm. G. 2nd Inf B
Carrey Francis B. 1st Inf A Cpl.
Carrigan Patrick 1st Inf (3mo. '61) B
Carrol Michael 1st Inf
Carrol Thomas 8th Inf
Carroll Barney 8th Inf
Carroll Christopher 1st Inf E
Carroll Daniel 1st Inf F
Carroll Francis 3rd Inf I
Carroll James 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F
Carroll James F. 4th Inf K,F Cpl.
Carroll James H. 1st Inf I Team
Carroll J. J. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty
Carroll John Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind.Co.
Carroll John 1st Inf A
Carroll Neal 4th Inf F
Carroll Thomas 3rd Inf K
Carroll William 1st Inf
Carroll William 1st Inf B
Carroll William S. 6th Inf I
Carrour Casculine Cav. 1st Bn D,A
Carrow Charles E. 3rd Inf C Cpl
Carrow I. Thomas (J. Thomas) 6th Inf F
Carrow John C. Cav. 1st Bn  D 2nd Lt.
Carrow Joseph 6th Inf F
Carrow Richard 3rd Inf C
Carrow Thomas 9th Inf F
Carrow Thomas J. 7th Inf F
Carrow William 9th Inf F
Carrow William F. 6th Inf F
Carrow William I 6th Inf E
Carryl Jeremiah Cav. 1st Bn B
Carsner John 4th Inf C
Carson Charles 3rd Inf K 1st Sgt.
Carson Francis 7th Inf E
Carson James B. 8th Inf
Carson John H. 4th Inf E,K Lt.
Carson Thomas 5th Inf C
Carson Thomson 1st Inf (3mo. '61) H
Carson Wm 7th Inf B
Cartee John 4th Inf F
Carter Amos 3rd Inf A
Carter David 4th Inf D
Carter George Ist Inf C
Carter Henry 1st Inf H
Carter Henry (Henry C.) 4th Inf H
Carter Henry C. 6th Inf H
Carter James H.C. 2nd Inf A Cpl.
Carter John 1st Inf K
Carter John C. 6th Inf G
Carter John T. 6th Inf H
Carter Mordecia 4th Inf D
Carter Philemon C. 6th Inf H Capt.
Cartwright John 1st Inf
Carty Louis Henry 4th Inf B Sgt.
Cary George W. 6th Inf K Cpl.
Cary Robert B. 6th Inf K
Casewell George 7th Inf E
Casey Martin 1st Inf F
Casey Patrick 7th Inf H
Cash Joseph 1st Inf (3mo. '61) C Cpl.
Cash Martin 8th Inf C
Cash William 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F
Cash Wm. 4th Inf I
Casperson Charles Cav. 1st Bn. D,B Bugler
Cassiday Edward 5th Inf B
Cassiday John 5th Inf B
Cassidy James 2nd Inf F
Cassidy Peter 3rd Inf C
Cassles William 3rd Inf B
Castelow William 9th Inf B
Castleon Thomas E. 5th Inf H
Catell Phillip 1st Inf
Cathcart John H. 6th Inf A
Cathcart John H. 9th Inf F
Catmull Samuel W. 3rd Inf I Sgt.
Caton Patrick 1st Inf
Cattell Amos 1st Inf I
Catts Charles 6th Inf E Music
Catts James W. Cav. 1st Bn G,D QMSgt.
Catts James W. 2nd Inf A Cpl.
Catts Samuel 6th Inf A
Caulk John 6th Inf G
Caulk Levin D. Cav. 1st Bn A,E Comsy.Sgt.
Caulk William G. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Cault Lancelot S. 7th Inf B
Cauner Cyrus W. 6th Inf K Cpl.
Causden John 6th Inf E 1st Lt.
Cavanaugh Michael 2nd Inf G Sgt. d: 02 Jul 1863  bur:  Gettysburg National Cemetery grave #Sec A #7
Cavander Wilson 5th Inf I
Cavenaugh Henry G. 1st Inf I,H Capt.
Cavender Isaac T. 5th Inf E
Caywood William 1st Inf  A,I,H 1st Lt.
Caywood William 1st Inf (3mo. '61) A
Cazier John 2nd Inf A
Cazier John H. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.

The burial information (in blue) has come from a number of sources... 1Kevin Frye, (, 2Jack Lundquist, (,  

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