Brown - Byrum

Brown Abner 2nd Inf I
Brown Albert 9th Inf F
Brown Authur D. 7th Inf E
Brown Augustus S. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) D
Brown Benjamin 9th Inf F
Brown Benjamin F. 2nd Inf F
Brown  Caleb S. 1st Inf D
Brown Caleb S. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) D
Brown Caleb S. 4th Inf H Cpl. d. 19 Mar 1865
bur:  Annapolis National Cemetery
Brown  Charles 3rd Inf G
Brown Daniel 5th Inf A
Brown Edward L. 5th Inf G
Brown Edwin 1st Inf A
Brown Elisha P Cav. 1st Bn. E,A
Brown Frank N. 1st Inf C
Brown George 2nd Inf G
Brown George 4th Inf A
Brown Henry 1st Inf F
Brown Henry 1st Inf K
Brown Henry 2nd Inf G
Brown Henry 3rd Inf F
Brown Henry 5th Inf B Sgt.
Brown  Henry 7th Inf A Sgt.
Brown Hugh C. 9th Inf  F Cpl.
Brown Isaac 2nd Inf H
Brown Isaac J. 1st inf E
Brown  Isaac J. 4th Inf F 2nd Cpl.
Brown James 2nd Inf 2nd Cl. Music
Brown  James 2nd Inf B 1st Sgt.
Brown James  3rd Inf A
Brown James 4th Inf A
Brown  James (James S.) 4th Inf A Cpl.
Brown James 5th Inf B
Brown James  (No. 1) 8th Inf
Brown James  (No. 2) 8th Inf
Brown John 1st Inf
Brown John 1st Inf E
Brown John 1st Inf F
Brown John 2nd Inf G
Brown John 3rd Inf B
Brown John 4th Inf A
Brown John H. 1st Inf B
Brown John H. 2nd Inf D,K 1&2died: 27 Aug 1864 of acute diarrhea
Grave #7016
bur:  Andersonville National Cemetery
Brown John R. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co Cpl.
Brown John R. Cav. 1st Bn A Saddler
Brown John W. Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty
Brown John W. 2nd Inf A Cpl.
Brown Joseph F. 3rd Inf B
Brown Joseph T. 1st Inf H
Brown Joshua M. 6th Inf F,A
Brown Julien 1st Inf A
Brown Lyman W. 4th Inf D d: 03 Jun 1864
buried: Cold Harbor Nat'l Cem., VA
space #c-763 
Brown Peter D. Cav. 1st Bn C
Brown Robert 2nd Inf I Cpl.
Brown Robert L. 6th Inf I Sgt.
Brown Samuel 7th Inf E
Brown Selar T. Cav. 1st Bn G
Brown Thomas 1st Inf G Cpl.
Brown Thomas 5th Inf B
Brown Thomas 8th Inf
Brown Thomas B. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co  Sgt.
Brown William Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co
Brown William Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty
Brown William 1st (or William) 1st Inf A
Brown William 1st Inf G
Brown William 1st (or William) 1st Inf G Cpl.
Brown William 2nd (or William) 1st Inf G
Brown William 3rd (or William) 1st Inf G
Brown William 1st Inf H
Brown William 4th Inf A
Brown William 4th Inf G
Brown William 8th Inf B
Brown William B. 7th Inf E Sgt.
Brown William D. 2nd Inf D
Brown William E. 1st Inf E
Brown William H. 1st Inf
Brown William H. 4th Inf C Hosp. Stew.
Browne Edwin 1st Inf K
Brownmiller Levi 1st Inf D
Bruce Granville Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co
Bruce James Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co
Bruen Charles H. 1st Inf D Drum
Bruens William A. 2nd Inf E
Brumall Joseph R. 7th Inf K
Brunner Jacob 2nd Inf F
Brunotte  Charles 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) K Fifer
Brunotte  Charles 2nd Inf F Music
Bryan Edmond Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co Ord. Sgt.
Bryan Edwin H. 1st Inf F Regt. QM
Bryan Jacob 9th Inf C
Bryan James M. 1st Inf A,B,G Capt.
Bryan James M. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A
Bryan Jeremiah 4th Inf K Cpl.
Bryan Joseph (Joseph W.) 4th Inf H
Bryan Wesley 8th Inf A
Bryan William A 5th Inf E
Bryer James 1st Inf B
Bryer James F. 7th Inf C
Bryer James S. 8th Inf
Bryer Joseph 5th Inf G
Bryer Wesley 7th Inf G
Bryin Thomas 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) H
Bryon David A. 1st Inf E
Buchanan David 5th Inf B Wag.
Buchanan John Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty
Buchanan Robert 4th Inf H
Buck Francis N. 5th Inf C Cpl.
Buck Robert 5th Inf D
Buck William 4th Inf A,B
Buckingham Albin (Alban) 7th Inf K bur: Mill Creek Friends Burial Groound, New Castle Co. DE
Buckingham David E. 4th Inf E 1st Lt. b: 03 Feb 1840 in Pleasant Hill (Stanton), DE Entered service at Wilmington, DE    d: 23 Nov 1915 Medal of Honor  date and place of action 05 Feb 1865, Rowanty Creek, VA.  Citation reads: Swam the partly frozen creek under fire, in the attempt to capture a crossing,
bur: Arlington National Cem., Arlington, VA  grave #2-3677
Buckingham Richard G. 4th Inf E Sgt. Maj.  bur: Mill Creek Friends Burial Ground, New Castle Co. DE
Buckingham William 4th Inf A Cpl.
Buckley Benjamin 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A
Buckley Benjamin F. 5th Inf A 2nd Lt.
Buckley George 1st Inf
Buckley John 1st Inf
Buckley Lewis D. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B
Buckley Lewis D. 2nd Inf H 5th Cpl.
Buckman Frederick 5th Inf B Cpl.
Buckman Frederick 7th Inf A
Buckmaster Charles M. 4th Inf H Sgt.
Buckson Jarvis B. 9th Inf F
Buckson Jervis B. 6th Inf F
Buckson  John 6th Inf F
Buckson Stephen T. 4th Inf G/F 1st Sgt. d: 18 June 1864  bur:  on field at Petersburg, VA
Buckston Thomas B. (or Thomas) 1st Inf A
Buckworth Benjamin 1st Inf  B
Budd Samuel W. 3rd Inf G
Budworth John 3rd Inf I
Buff John 2nd Inf E
Buffington James 5th Inf D
Bugle William Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty
Bugle William 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) F
Bulger Dennis 3rd Inf B
Bulger James 3rd Inf B Drum
Bull Lemuel 6th Inf D
Bullard Reual Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty
Bullen Charles 1st Inf K Music
Bullen John H. 1st Inf K
Bullen Harrison Cav. 1st Bn C,B
Bullen  Washington 1st Inf K Cpl.
Bulles William (or William R.) 4th Inf A Sgt.
Bullock John 4th Inf D
Bullock Lewis 5th Inf E
Bullock William S. 5th Inf F
Bunting Charles 6th Inf D
Bunting Edward 6th Inf D
Bunting Eli 9th Inf C
Bunting Ezekiel 6th Inf D
Bunting George C. 9th Inf C
Bunting Isaiah L. 6th Inf D
Bunting Isaiah L. 9th Inf H
Bunting Joseph B. 9th Inf C
Bunting Milley 9th Inf C
Bunting Peter 6th Inf D
Bunting Peter B. 9th Inf C
Bunting Sampson S. 9th Inf C
Bunting William 9th Inf C
Bunz David 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) K
Burant Pierre 1st Inf
Burch Joseph 4th Inf A
Burchenal Eugene 1st Inf G
Burger George 8th Inf
Burger William 4th Inf B
Burgess Charles Cav. 1st Bn A
Burgman Charles 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) K
Burgner Daniel W. (David - on Finn's
Point Nat'l Cem,
Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co d: 23 Oct 1863
Finn's Point
National Cem.
Salem, NJ
Burk Charles 8th Inf
Burk James 3rd Inf A
Burk John 1st Inf D
Burk John 4th Inf A
Burk Michael 3rd Inf  E
Burk Thomas 3rd Inf A
Burk William 1st Inf I
Burke Edward 1st Inf F Cpl.
Burke John 2nd Inf K
Burkel George 1st Inf G
Burnes Alexander 5th Inf D Cpl.
Burnett Armor 8th Inf Music
Burnett Amre 7th Inf E Drum
Burnett James 4th Inf G,E Capt.
Burnett John W. 4th Inf I Cpl.
Burnit John 5th Inf A
Burns Alexander 7th Inf A Cpl.
Burns Charles 4th Inf A
Burns George 2nd Inf G Wag.
Burns John 1st Inf B
Burns John 2nd Inf A
Burns John 3rd Inf
Burns John W. 3rd Inf F
Burns Joseph 4th Inf F
Burns Michael 1st Inf B
Burns Owen 4th Inf C Sgt.
Burns Patrick 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) C
Burns Peter 4th Inf C
Burns Samuel 6th Inf E
Burns Thomas 1st Inf B
Burns Thomas M. 3rd Inf G
Burrins Robert F. 1st Inf E Cpl.
Burris William T. 9th Inf A
Burrows Nicholas Cav. 1st Bn D
Burrows Severn H. 1st Inf H
Burton Alfred L. 6th Inf E Cpl.
Burton Alhanan M. 5th Inf A Capt.
Burton Benjamin F. 3rd Inf C
Burton Charles H. 8th Inf C Sgt.
Burton Charles H. 9th Inf A Cpl.
Burton Edvan C. 6th Inf C Sgt.
Burton Edward 6th Inf C
Burton Edward  J. 3rd Inf B Sgt.
Burton Edwin C. 9th Inf A 2nd Lt.
Burton Fred N. Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty
Burton George  F. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G Sgt.
Burton Henry (Henry H.) 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B Sgt.
Burton Henry  H. (Henry) 1st Inf K,G 1st Lt.
Burton Henry H. 6th Inf C
Burton Henry H. 9th Inf A
Burton James 1st Inf C
Burton James L. Cav. 1st Bn B,A Cpl.
Burton John 1st Inf A
Burton John 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A
Burton John C. 9th Inf A
Burton Joseph 1st Inf
Burton Nathaniel W. 6th Inf C
Burton Peter W. 6th Inf C
Burton Richard, Jr. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B
Burton Richard 3rd Inf E
Burton Theodore  H. Cav. 1st Bn F,B 2nd Lt.
Burton Theodore H. 6th Inf C Lt.
Burton Thomas R. 6th Inf C Lt.
Burton Wm. C. 6th Inf C Lt.
Burton Wm. H. 6th Inf C
Busal John 1st Inf
Busby Samuel 2nd Inf E
Buschneal Eugene 7th Inf D Cpl.
Bush David P. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Bush Frederick 5th Inf G
Bush Harry   S. 5th Inf C Cpl.
Bush Harry S. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Bussell John R. (John) 3rd Inf F
Butcher Henry 4th Inf D
Butcher Richard 3rd Inf D
Butler Benjamin F. (Benjamin) 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Butler Benjamin F. (Benjamin) 3rd Inf D Capt.
Butler Cloud 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A Sgt.
Butler Edward 1st Inf C
Butler Elisha Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co
Butler Ezekiel G (Ezekiel) 1st Inf F
Butler George 6th Inf B
Butler Henry M. 5th Inf A Sgt.
Butler Jackson 1st Inf C 1st Cpl.
Butler Jackson 8th Inf
Butler John 1st Inf
Butler John 1st Inf C
Butler John B. Cav. 1st Bn A
Butler John R. Cav. 1st Bn D Far.
Butler Richard 7th Inf K
Butler Richard 8th Inf B
Butler Samuel 7th Inf K
Butler Thomas B. (Thomas) 1st Inf I
Butler William 1st Inf I
Butler William W. Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty Bugler
Butler William W. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) C
Butterworth James 3rd Inf F
Butterworth Robert 3rd Inf B
Butterworth Robert 3rd Inf H
Buttler Henry M. 7th Inf D Cpl.
Buzby Charles 2nd Inf B Cpl.
Buzine George 5th Inf G
Buzine Henry 5th Inf C Cpl.
Buzine Martin 5th Inf C
Buzine Robert S. Lt Arty Nields' Ind Btty
Buzine Samuel, Jr. 5th Inf C
Byard John Thomas 1st Inf I
Byard William H. 1st Inf I
Bylede George 1st Inf  G
Byrne James 1st Inf H
Byrnes Peter 2nd Inf  E Cpl.
Byron Henry 8th Inf
Byrum Amos Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind Co  

The burial information (in blue) has come from a number of sources... 1Kevin Frye, (, 2Jack Lundquist, (

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