Aaron - Ayers

Aaron Thomas S. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) H Cpl.
Abbott Albert (Albert T) 2nd Inf H,G 
Abbott Alfred 9th Inf G
Abbott Edward (Edward J.) Cav. 1st  Btn C
Abbott George 9th Inf G
Abbott Henry H. 9th Inf E
Abbott James D. 1st Inf K
Abbott James D. 3rd Inf A
Abbott John H. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Abbott Nehemiah 9th Inf G
Abbott Samuel 1st Inf K
Abbott Samuel 3rd Inf A
Abel Adolph 2nd Inf G
Abel Charles 3rd Inf D Sgt. 1born: 2/16/1844  died:  11/2/1906 buried: West Laurel Hill Cem, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Abel John H. 1st Inf D
Aberle Peter 4th Inf C
Able William H. 6th Inf E Cpl.
Ables Richard Cav. 1st  Btn B
Ackerly Joseph 2nd Inf A
Adair Benjamin 5th Inf K Music
Adair Benjamin 7th Inf D
Adair John 5th Inf H
Adair William H. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) F
Adams Adolphus H. 1st Inf I Cpl.
Adams Benjamin 2nd Inf E Cpl.
Adams Benjamin P. 1st Inf F 1st Lt.
Adams Benjamin P. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) H Sgt.
Adams Charles 1st Inf C
Adams Christian 7th Inf H
Adams Frank 7th Inf H
Adams Garrett 3rd Inf F
Adams George B. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Adams Jacob 1st Inf A
Adams James 4th Inf B
Adams James 7th Inf A
Adams John 1st Inf H
Adams Lewis C. 7th Inf A 2 born: 04 Feb 1845 died: 06 Feb 1910 buried: St. Martin's Cem. Marcus Hook, PA
Adams Napoleon 1st Inf E 3died: 12-26-1862 buried: Military Asylum Cem. Wash., DC
Adams Nathan 3rd Inf F
Adams Richard 1st Inf C
Adams Richard 3rd Inf G
Adams Samuel 5th Inf G
Adams William 3rd Inf F
Adams William 6th Inf F
Adams William B. Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty.
Adams William F. 3rd Inf A
Adams William R. Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty.
Adams Wm. T. 4th Inf I
Adamson William H. Cav. 1st  Btn F,C
Addams George 3rd Inf F
Adkins Elijah 6th Inf D Capt.
Adkins James H. 1st Inf. H 4buried: Sept. 24, 1846, Millsboro Cem., Millsboro, DE
Adkins John 1st Inf G buried: Arlington Nat'l Cem. VA
Adkins John W. 6th Inf H
Adkins R. H. 6th Inf H
Adolph Abel 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) K
Agin William 1st Inf B
Agin William 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) I
Agnew James W. 4th Inf D Music
Ahl George W. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. Capt.
Aiken James 8th Inf B
Aiken William 7th Inf G died: Sept. 15, 1864 of Scorbutus, Grave #8812  Andersonville  Mr. Aiken is not listed on the Roster of Union Soldiers nor in Schaarf's History of DE
inscow Alfred 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A
Ainsworth Joseph 4th Inf I
Ake John S. 6th Inf K
Ake John S. 9th Inf H
Akley John 6th Inf B
Alberneathey R. James 7th Inf D
Albert Alfred 3rd Inf
Albert Henry 2nd Inf Band Music
Albertus John 2nd Inf F
Albin Theodore Cav. 1st  Btn G,C,D Sgt.
Albright John 3rd Inf F Sgt.
Alburtruss John 7th Inf D
Alcorn George 4th Inf A
Alcorn James 2nd Inf F
Alcorn James 3rd Inf G
Aldred Joseph D. 5th Inf A
Aldred Thomas C. 3rd Inf A 2nd Lt.
Aldred William R. 3rd Inf A Adj.
Alexander Charles 4th Inf F Cpl.
Alexander Charles W. Cav. 1st  Btn A
Alexander Ebenezer 2nd Inf C Sgt.
Alexander Edward 7th Inf F
Alexander Egbert G. 1st Inf A
Alexander Egbert G. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) I Cpl.
Alexander Ezekiel C. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A 1st Lt.
Alexander Ezekiel  C. (E.C.) 1st Inf H Capt.
Alexander Fred 8th Inf C
Alexander George W. 7th Inf F
Alexander James Cav. 1st  Btn D
Alexander Max 1st Inf K
Alexander Richard 7th Inf B
Alexander Robert 1st Inf A
Alexander Robert 3rd Inf C
Alexander Robert 3rd Inf E
Alexander Robert 7th Inf C
Alexander Samuel (Samuel B.) 1st Inf A,I
Alexander Samuel 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Alexander Thomas Cav. 1st  Btn C Cpl.
Alfree Jehu 4th Inf F
Algie John (John L.) 3rd Inf A,I
Allbright William 8th Inf
Allderdice William H. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) 1st Lt., Regt. QM
Allee Barlow 6th Inf A
Allee Barlow 7th Inf F
Allee James D. 6th Inf A
Allegier William 1st Inf A
Allen Charles 2nd Inf I
Allen Charles W. 5th Inf G
Allen G. W. 1st  G 5bur. Arlington National Cem.- Mr. Allen does not appear in The Roster of Union Soldiers
Allen Jacob R. 6th Inf E
Allen James A. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Allen Lewis L 7th Inf H Cpl.
Allen Richard 1st Inf F
Allen Samuel 5th Inf F
Allen Theodore S. 8th Inf A
Allen William Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty.
Allen William 1st Inf F
Allison James 5th Inf B
Allison James 7th Inf A
Allison Jefferson 8th Inf C
Allison Kennard (H. Kennard) 2nd Inf C Cpl.
Allison William 1st Inf E
Allison William 5th Inf B
Allison William 7th Inf A
Allison Wm. J. 4th Inf G
Alloways Charles 5th Inf G
Alloy Thomas 1st Inf C
Alrich Charles W. 9th Inf B
Alrich William L. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) B Drum
Alricks Samuel 7th Inf H
Ambrose David 2nd Inf
Ames Fisher 1st Inf E
Ames Joseph L. 2nd Inf G
Ammons Thomas 1st Inf H
Amour John 7th Inf I
Amour Samuel 7th Inf I
Ander William M. (Audor) 1st Inf E Cpl. d:  18 Dec 1862 
bur: Military Asylum Cemetery, Wash, DC
Ander William M. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) G
Anderson Albanis L. 3rd Inf F 1st Lt.
Anderson Alfred Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty.
Anderson Benniah T. 6th Inf H
Anderson Charles 1st Inf G
Anderson Daniel H. 1st Inf G
Anderson David 2nd Inf I
Anderson David P. 9th Inf F
Anderson George 3rd Inf C
Anderson James 2nd Inf F d:  21 May 1863    bur: Philadelphia National Cemetery, PA
Anderson James 5th Inf E
Anderson James 6th Inf D
Anderson James H. Cav. 1st  Btn E,A QMSgt
Anderson Jeremiah 4th Inf F
Anderson John 1st Inf B
Anderson John 4th Inf F
Anderson John 5th Inf I Sgt.
Anderson John 7th Inf F
Anderson John C. 6th Inf H
Anderson John E. 6th Inf D
Anderson John E. 9th Inf H
Anderson John T. 9th Inf B
Anderson John W. Cav. 1st  Btn G,D
Anderson John W. 6th Inf D
Anderson Martin V. B. (Martin V.) 2nd Inf C
Anderson Richard Cav. 1st  Btn C
Anderson Ruben 5th Inf H
Anderson Smith 2nd Inf I
Anderson Thomas 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) F
Anderson Thomas 1st Inf G
Anderson Thomas 3rd Inf C Drum
Anderson William Cav. 1st  Btn A,B
Anderson William 1st Inf
Anderson William 1st Inf C Cpl.
Anderson William 1st Inf D Sgt.
Anderson William (Wm. A.) 3rd Inf F Cpl.
Anderson William H. 5th Inf E
Anderson William W. 2nd Inf B
Andre David S. Cav. 1st  Btn A,B
Andre James Cav. 1st  Btn A,B Cpl.
Andrew Charles 6th Inf I
Andrew John M. 3rd Inf
Andrew Samuel J.T. Cav. 1st  Btn B
Andrews John W. 1st Inf Col.
Andrews John W. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) Lt. Col.
Andrews Robert 2nd Inf Maj
Angus Charles 1st Inf I
Annes Gustavus 1st Inf H
Anthony C. S. Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty.
Appleby George 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) A
Applegate William Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty.
Appleton John 5th Inf K
Appleton John S. 1st Inf I
Ardis George W. Cav. 1st  Btn G,D Cpl.
Ardis Richard 3rd Inf H
Ardrie David 3rd Inf F Cpl.
Argo Joseph 1st Inf G
Argo Joseph 3rd Inf H
Argoe James A. Cav. 1st  Btn A
Arischman Christian 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) E
Armitage Thomas J. 4th Inf A Sgt.
Armon Frederick 1st Inf G
Armour Stephen L. 7th Inf I Cpl.
Armstrong Henry 5th Inf A
Armstrong Hiram P. 4th Inf A Sgt.
Armstrong Hugh (Hugh N.) 1st Inf A
Armstrong Hugh 1st Inf C
Armstrong Hugh N. 3rd Inf I Cpl.
Armstrong James 5th Inf C Music
Armstrong John W. 4th Inf A Comsy. Sgt
Armstrong Rankin 7th Inf H
Armstrong Richard 1st Inf A
Armstrong Robert 8th Inf
Armstrong Robert L. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co. Sgt
Armstrong Roland J. (Rowland J.) 2nd Inf B
Armstrong William 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) H
Armstrong William H. L. 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) E
Armstrong William H. L. 1st Inf G Sgt
Arnold Francis 1st Inf
Aron Powell 6th Inf G 2nd Lt.
Artist Joshua C. 1st Inf D
Artrbridge Thomas H. 6th Inf I
Arvine James 2nd Inf H
Arvine Patrick 2nd Inf H
Arwin Joseph 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) C
Asbather Henry 1st Inf
Asbel William 1st Inf C
Ash George 7th Inf D Sgt
Ash Thomas 2nd Inf D Sgt
Ashanbach August 5th Inf F
Ashford William 2nd Inf D Drum
Ashley John 1st Inf K
Ashley William 1st Inf I
Ashton Charles (Charles H.) 1st Inf I
Askey George 1st Inf K
Askey Henry 1st Inf
Aspril John A. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Aspril Leonard V.  5th Inf K
Atchinson Welford 3rd Inf C
Atkins Charles 4th Inf G,F
Atkins Edward 9th Inf A
Atkins Joshua B. 6th Inf D
Atkins Kendol 9th Inf A
Atkins Peter E. 9th Inf A
Atkins Samuel P. 4th Inf K
Atkins Stanton 2nd Inf I
Atkins William H. 1st Inf E
Atkinson John 3rd Inf A
Atkinson Robert 3rd Inf E
Atkinson Theodore Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty. 6 bur: Methodist Church Cemetery, New Castle, DE
Atwell George 1st Inf C
Atwell William W. 5th Inf I
Atwell William W. 7th Inf B
Auback Morris 5th Inf F
Auer Mathias 5th Inf G
Aufleback Edward 1st Inf F
Augstatt Jacob 4th Inf
August Charles 2nd Inf I
August Jacob 1st Inf C Drum
August John 1st Inf C
Aurich Emile 1st Inf H
Austin Henry 8th Inf
Austin John Lt.Arty, Nield's Ind Btty.
Austin Samuel 7th Inf F
Austin Wm. W.M. 4th Inf C Sgt
Autrushkwitz Charles 1st Inf (3 mo. '61) K
Ayars Joseph D. Cav. 1st  Btn A 2nd Lt.
Aydelott David 9th Inf D
Aydelott John B.W. Cav. 1st  Btn E,A Capt.
Ayers Francis Cav. 1st  Btn E
Ayers Jeremiah 1st Inf K Cpl.
Ayers Thomas O. 6th Inf A 1st Sgt.
Ayers Thomas O. 9th Inf F,H Capt.
Ayers T. Oliver 7th Inf F 1st Lt.

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